You Need Your Sleep

My daughter did a high school project for her psychology class on the subject of sleep. As part of the project she ended up polling students at her school to find out how much sleep on average they are getting a night, and what reasons if any are there for less sleep than the students would want to get.

My daughter discovered that although some of her school mates are getting more than 8hrs, the majority are not and are instead getting 6-8hrs of sleep a night. Worrisome, is that there were a number getting even less… only 4-6hrs of sleep a night, and then there were others getting even less sleep (<4hrs a night).

Now consider this…

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Athletes and coaches often focus on success arising simply from training, more training and then even more training. Sometimes the key to gains in training and racing isn’t training, it’s the stuff we don’t generally consider as being as important… like sleep.