Why Nutrition “Research” Verges on Useless

This article sums up well why nutrition research – in general – is not worth the paper its written on, and explains why we are constantly reading contradicting and conflicting headlines…

e.g. eggs good, eggs bad, back to good, oh no… eggs are definitely bad, and so on.

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So next time you read that kale will do this for your health, and that acai berries mixed with avocado will cure this, and that quinoa mixed with barley will heal that… don’t waste your time chasing yet another poorly conducted study in hopes that health comes by eating a diet of a magic mixture of ‘super-foods’.

There is no magic to health… it starts with a life that is lived on purpose, a life that has meaning, supplemented with strategies to dealing with stochastic as well as consistent stresses and stressors, plus a daily does of aerobic exercise which respects your individual capacity, skill and ability level, and a common sense diet consumed in an appropriate eating window (i.e. intermittent fasting). In time – no, not over a weekend or two at Bernie’s – and you will slowly restore and regain your health.

Fail to have all these components, and your health will fail (sooner or later).

There is no magic. And, there is definitely no ‘super food’ that is a cure all.