Numb Yourself And… You End up Numb

Two recent studies both from Ohio University have ‘discovered’ the shocking fact that… taking pain killers makes you less sensitive – i.e. desensitizes you – to your own pain, and also to the pain experienced by others. Shocking! You take a pain killer not to feel pain, and can you imagine that the drug does what it says and… makes you less sensitive to pain!

The article at Running is titled:

Is your pain reliever making you less empathetic?

Your acetaminophen use could be making you less sensitive not only to your own pain, but also to others’

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That this is noteworthy research is puzzling because what exactly is newsworthy? The only point that carries any value is the final sentence in the article where the author cites the researchers:

“Researchers recommend that if you need to take Tylenol regularly, you may be overdoing it in training, and you should consult your health professional.”

I would assume that if you are popping Tylenol like its candy, then hopefully at some point you clue in to the fact that there is a problem, that you have a problem… but based on the ‘numbing’ effects and the problem avoidance which is inherent to the solution of ‘numbing’ oneself be it by prescription drug, recreational drug, or illegal drug then perhaps it is worth noting that addicts rarely believe they are addicts and need an intervention in order to ‘see’ the light.

So… if you are a painkiller addict or better yet, if you know that someone is a painkiller addict… they need help and I do not mean picking up more painkillers for them. Want to be done with numbing yourself to life, then you need to get to the root of why you are trying and dig into why are you running away from life, attempting to avoid life by desensitizing yourself to it, to yourself, and by default to everyone else around you. There are solutions, there are options, there are those who are able and willing to help, but you need to take the step of waking up and realizing that there is indeed a problem.