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    The Fear of Swimming Failure

    Age Group Swim Opinion is courtesy of Gavin Cooley
    Published at

    What’s holding you back?
    Most people would say time, or money, but not me. I can tell you exactly why I’m not my LSC’s champion in the 100 fly, why I didn’t get my Speedo Sectional cuts. It’s not that I didn’t work hard enough. I had a good diet, and I got a decent amount of sleep. So why wasn’t I faster? After the hours of training, the thousands upon thousands of strokes, the weeks of aching muscles, I still wasn’t good enough.

    Why? I was afraid to fail. There were so many people I didn’t want to disappoint, my parents, my coaches, my friends. Ultimately, I disappointed the only person it really mattered to… Myself.

    I was so worried about not failing, not falling short of the expectations, so I swam safe. Sure, I went fast, and I dropped time, but I never really took a risk, because by taking a risk comes the possibility of failure, and if I fail, I am failing all those people who are counting on me. A mere week after my championship meet, I had an epiphany…

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