Keto Diet – Issues Arising

How many times do we have to go through this? Short term studies reveal that there is potential with a concept… everyone starts selling the concept as if its miraculous, as if its going to solve all problems. The momentum builds, a few people try the concept and in the short term they do see similar results to those sold, and the momentum builds even more. And then it happens…

The long term arrives and like all other miracle short term bandaids, the holes in the awesomeness (in this case of Keto/Keto-like diets) arises:

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The long term happens whether you like it or not, and although in the short term Keto diets may offer a long list of benefits, in the long term it comes at the consequence of your bone health, specifically bone density. This is a major issue for any athlete because stress fractures or simply susceptibility to fractures is not a winning strategy.

Which brings me back to my favorite profession… that of all the self appointed “nutrition” and “diet” experts. How many jumped right onto selling Keto diets? How many encouraged athletes seeking their peak potential, seeking their peak performance to jump into a diet that was untested over the long term? How many of these experts did exactly what experts shouldn’t do and promote a change where the long term consequences were unknown?

The “low hanging fruit” approach once again proves that its a fools approach.

There are no short cuts. End of discussion.

Training properly, training with your health as the priority, respecting that training to experience your fullest potential… will never come and can never come with the pursuit of “low hanging fruit”/aka short cuts. It doesn’t work in sport, it doesn’t work in business, it doesn’t work in life.

Want to experience your fullest potential… then stop wasting your time with short cuts and those who encourage short cuts.