Is This What Life Has Become?

From comedian Louis CK’s monologue titled: “Eating Habits”…

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What a reflection on life… it’s one big blur. We are moving so fast, so fast, that we cannot even tell what we are doing. How many times we eat?  How many times we go to the bathroom? Who knows?  Who cares? Its our body, our mind, but we have no idea what we’re doing to either one of them. We must be making decisions, but we’re moving so fast we can barely track all that we have agreed to, why we said ‘yes’, and why we seem unable to say ‘no’ to anyone, to anything.

This is what passes for life? A quality life? An abundant life? Life which flies by so fast, that all we see ourselves doing is shitting and eating, shitting and eating, without end in sight.

In order to feel something, anything, when we do eat its not for nutrition, for pleasure, its not out of gratitude for the meal, for the moment, for those we share it with, we eat until…

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Think it applies just to eating, hah!  It applies to everything…

  • The workout ain’t over after 60mins, it ends when I have hurt myself, when I cannot feel my arms, my legs, my face. When I can feel my head throb from the effort of my heart trying to keep up. When my body and mind are having to decide whether survival is at stake, and whether its necessary to elicit enough pain, or a spasm sufficient to end the madness.
  • The work day ain’t over at 5pm, it ends when I hate my clients, when I hate my boss, my co-workers, the company, when I hate what I do for a living. When my frustration level, when my anger hit a point there’s no telling what I’m capable of doing.
  • The week isn’t over Saturday leaving Sunday for rest, its over when I hate every committee, every volunteer effort, every side project, every renovation, every party, every get-together, everything I said yes to but should have said no.
  • The social media scrolling ain’t over until I am jealous and hate everyone of my friends, my classmates, my work colleagues, because I have convinced myself that everyone else is living the dream, and I alone am living a nightmare, an inescapable zombie existence.
  • But, I cannot stop.  If I don’t exercise out like everyone else, if I don’t work like everyone else, if I don’t post live everyone else, if I don’t take on more, if I don’t keep saying yes, then who will I be… if I am not like everyone else?

And we wonder why we are overweight… if we can’t tell how many times we open our pie-holes, then how can we tell what on earth we’re stickin’ into it, or how much we stick into it.

And we wonder why we feel useless, unwanted, unneeded.  Who wouldn’t when we sow hate, who wouldn’t when their life is spent mimicking the life of others, believing that somehow if they mimic just right, that fitting in will bring contentment. We yearn for connection, but trap ourselves in a house of mirrors.

And we wonder why we feel empty, why we are drained, exhausted, hollow, why we swing from anxiety to depression. Who wouldn’t be terrified to get on or be petrified to get off a bullet train flying by at full speed?

And we wonder why there is rampant abuse of alcohol, over the counter painkillers, and prescription opiates. When life becomes a rollercoaster of shitting and eating, to make up for the emptiness, to cover up the pain, to try and keep up copying everyone else, how long is it possible to hold on with a cheerful disposition which isn’t chemically induced?

One third of us are overweight, another third are obese, which means the average person is unhealthy, yet we are adamant that today we are living better than ever. Can we cut the crap?

Its not a lack of health care, its not a lack of services, its not a lack of support, its not for a lack of anything, save our unwillingness to apply the brakes even slightly to our speed. What is it that we fear? Missing out on what… a Facebook update, an email from work, a group text? Afraid that the world can work without us so we will miss out on life altogether, our kids life, the life we wanted with our spouse, on the dreams we imagined we would spend our lives pursuing, just to prove that the world needs us, depends on us… because we cannot bear to stop and consider that the world doesn’t need us when we are all photocopies – reposts – of one another?

Reality is… we do hate what we have become, what our lives have become, yet striken by the speed of life, we have no idea what to do except to keep on keepin’ on, and do it with a smile.

If our lifestyles were healthy, if we were moving at a speed which was healthy, slow enough then there would be the opportunity to stop, think, feel, look around, smell, hear what others are saying, listening for what our gut is telling us, if we slowed down enough to stop inflicting our own wounds, I believe we would heal physically, mentally and emotionally and we would start to thrive, not just exist.  We would hear our true calling, find our passion, live the life we were meant to live. We would find out once and for all… who am I?

There is a right way and a wrong way to live, but that cannot be said today because it will hurt someone’s feelings.  Indeed, we all have the right to our opinion, even if its wrong; but we have forbidden one another to offer a contradictory perspective as we have labelled such as an act of hate, violence, intolerance, discrimination, prejudice. Instead, we have made standing idly by corporate policy and we are to watch one another figuratively and literally destroy ourselves, kill ourselves right in front of each other, in front of our kids, because to say or do anything to prevent someone may… hurt their confidence. Instead, we will mourn them when dead, we will protest, we will pound the pulpit preaching that we will root out the culprit behind these dastardly incidents, we will find someone to blame for these deaths (except ourselves, forgetting that we were standing there with them in their moment of need, of desperation).

We – collectively – are moving so fast, that we are on an inevitable crash course. The road may have been straight thus far and the speed manageable til now, but there always comes a point where the road curves, and if we don’t slow down, we will crash. I pray that you consider the speed at which you are travelling in life, it may be a life and death consideration.

What’s at stake is your life.  Question is, will you slow down for even a second to consider it?

Louis CK Youtube vid “Eating Habits”: