Friend or Coach

A friend tell you what you want to hear

A coach tells you want you need to hear

A friend is concerned with how you receive a message

A coach is concerned with you getting the message

Friends are your friends because you share the same fears

Coaches are not friends because they challenge you to confront your fears

Friends anchor you to your past, and remind you constantly of it

Coaches seek to free you from your past, releasing you to seek your potential

Friends are your support system provided you don’t surpass them

Coaches seek to support you in surpassing each and every one of your goals

Friends distract you

Coaches focus you

Friends tempt you to spend time with them and detract you from achieving

Coaches challenge you to eliminate everything that doesn’t move you ahead

Read the biograpahies and auto-biographies of consistent peak performers and you will read as I have read: either they had few if any friends allowing them to focus on their goals or they disassociated themselves from friends in order to focus on their goals.

Concerned more about your friends, or your status with your friends, then welcome to mediocrity.

Concerned with achieving your potential, then welcome the freedom that comes from not having to live down to the fears of your friends.

Its one way or the other… there is no middle ground if you seek your potential.