Enough is Enough of “Do-Gooders”

Its time we called enough is enough with all the “do-gooders” claiming to have the solutions for what ails society: they come up with some scheme that on paper sounds reasonable, perhaps even do a PhD on the subject just to substantiate the logic behind their solution, but without any actual long term studies and evidence just egotistical naivety that good intentions are good enough and that good intentions always translate into good outcomes… in the end we are left worse off.

Take for instance the “do-gooders” who wanted to help the world quit smoking. These egotistical a-holes came up with e-cigarettes claiming that they will help all those seeking to quit, and… what do we have?

We have an epidemic on our hands of an entire generation – todays teens – who were highly unlikely to become addicted to nicotine due to the decreasing levels of cigarette smoking amongst their population becoming enchanted with the flavors of e-cigarettes and with e-cigarette companies using teens or at least young looking individuals in their marketing which was heavily skewed to social media (which teens just happen to inhale), and we end up with an entire new generation addicted to nicotine.

Congratulations do-gooders… didn’t see this one coming now did you?

How are you gonna solve this now? With more good intentions?

Oh, but the do-gooders didn’t stop there with screwing up society… hell no, they were just beginning because the so-called harmless or at least less harmful effects of e-cigarettes vs cigarettes which were made based on hope and not on any evidence that would occur with long term studies were just that… hope and nothing else. Long term studies? Who has time for that… its about monetizing any scheme you can come up asap especially if its labelled as being put in place by some do-gooder whose intentions are to heal the world. Do-gooders sell themselves as such virtuous individuals that obviously their ‘solution’ has nothing to do with making millions or billions but simply to ‘save the world’.

Now those vaping (i.e. using e-cigarettes) are coming down with mysterious pneumonia type symptoms and with a growing number of them dying, US states are starting to clamp down on e-cigarettes by either taxing them heavily or banning them. India on the other hand is clearly far smarter and has decided that enough is enough and has banned them entirely.

The shitshow that these do-gooders have unleashed doesn’t stop there… with e-cigarettes causing mysterious illnesses and killing people faster than traditional cigarettes guess what is coming up as the short term solution to vaping? That’s right… smoking good ole fashioned cigarettes!

Just when we were moving away from cigarette smoking, do-gooders come along with their short term solutions based on little more than their egotistical belief that their virtuousness is enough evidence and… re-addict the world to cigarette smoking.

If you didn’t read this blog on the connection between heart disease and smoking and not the connection we were sold (i.e. dietary fat and heart disease) you may want to read about perhaps the largest con job pulled by do-gooders… then again, e-cigarettes being sold as the “healthy” way to quit a nicotine addiction is coming darn close.

So instead of solving something, do-gooders have made the world a worse place because not only have they failed to offer a way to quit cigarettes, they have addicted an entire new generation to nicotine and now have introduced additional health problems – as if our health care systems needed another problem to deal with – and guess who is now going to have to pay to cover… that’s right, the taxpayer.

Great job all you do-gooder a-holes!

What is the connection to sport? This is exactly what is happening in sport with HiiT. Do-gooder personal trainers and do-gooder coaches are taking advice from do-gooder exercise physiologists who have done as much long term research on HiiT (hi intensity interval training – e.g. Tabata, Bootcamps, CrossFit, et al) as was done on e-cigarettes and are promoting HiiT as ‘the solution’ to everything related to health, wellness and peak performance in sport.

HiiT we are told is the short-cut to fitness and health the way e-cigarettes have been promoted as the short-cut to quitting smoking. Yet the reality is… neither is the solution they claim to be, and in fact both are creating far more problems than either is solving.

Be careful the next time you run into a do-gooder selling you on their short cut solution to saving you and/or the world… its a short-cut alright, a short-cut to them monetizing your fears and leaving you worse off.


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Update on Juul… October 31, 2019

Juul Valuation Up In Smoke: Altria Writes Down Stake By 33%, Fidelity Slashes By 48%

US death toll : 21
UK death toll : 1

Plus… all the other lawsuits, a new one…

“A former employee of the company, in a lawsuit filed last week, accused Juul of selling over 1 million contaminated e-cigarette pods earlier this year without issuing a recall or notifying customers. ” [quote from above link]

The response from the company about potentially contaminated pods…

“Half our customers are drunk and vaping like mo-fos, who the fuck is going to notice the quality of our pods,” Breja claims that CEO Kevin Burns said to him, in response.

And there you go people… do-gooders here, do-gooders there, everywhere a do-gooder.