Ego Not Health

Its time to turn our attention to the growing trend of doing exercise – whatever that may be (e.g.) running, cycling, triathlon, CrossFit, bootcamps, etc… – in the name of living an active healthy lifestyle but training in a manner and racing in events which is not and cannot be defined as healthy.

Perhaps we initially intend to improve our health but why do we end up convinced that self inflicting harm is healthy?

We do this not just at the gym, in working out or training, we are susceptible to this pattern everywhere in life… at work, in business, in relationships both professional and personal… inevitably ending up reliving periods of pain, suffering, sometimes injury and illness over and over, with the answer to how did I end up here circling back to us… everytime.

We promise, no, we vow never to do it again, never ever ever to compromise, settle, give in, fall to temptation, jump on the shortcut, but we do.  We allow our ego to take over, to take command. Why? Why is it that the needs of our ego contrast with the needs of our well being, with our health? Why does our ego direct us to join in on things that we know are harmful to our well-being? And knowing this pattern, why will we over and over again give in to our ego and inflict self harm?


To start the thread lets use a few articles found in to set the tone:

Runners would continue racing if they learned ultras were bad for them, study says

“If you were to learn, with absolute certainty, that ultramarathon running is bad for your health, would you stop your ultramarathon training and participation?” the study asks


Yukon Arctic Ultra runner at risk of losing hands and feet

Bone-chilling temperatures leaves Italian participant’s limb health in jeopardy