Do-Gooders with PhDs

If there is anything worse than a simple do-gooder, its a do-gooder with a PhD. There is only so much harm a do-gooder with ‘good’ intentions can do but giv’em a PhD and the harm that a do-gooder can do goes next level… it goes epic.

Case in point… the do-gooder filled company Oxitec out of the UK which proposed to Brazil a solution of genetically modifying mosquitoes which they guaranteed were unable to reproduce would not only curb the population of the insects, but more importantly would eradicate the Zika virus. With politicians scared stiff of the high probability that they wouldn’t get re-elected as a result of their failure to do anything about Zika, they willingly said ‘yes’ to this harebrained scheme. And, the genetically modified mosquitoes were released into the wild.

What do you get when you release a genetically modified organism into the world – without performing any long term research to prove that your hypothesis actually works – and simply hope that your good intentions will actually pan out?

You create a natural, environmental and public health catastrophe! Read on…

Science Catastrophe In South America Could Kill Millions

Transgenic Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes Transfer Genes into a Natural Population

Today we have not only do-gooders, we have do-gooder filled corporations (most with PhDs) running around promising that either one or all of your life problems are solved simply with their product or service… weight loss, smoking cessation (read prior post on e-cigarettes and how well thats working), fitness, nutrition, health, finances, relationships… you name it.

For example, how many have been sold – literally sold – that protein immediately after training will lead to that muscle growth you are hoping for? And, how many have been sold – literally sold – container after container of protein powder that they consumed obeying strictly the instructions of their personal trainer, coach, nutritionist, whoever? And upon what long term research were those promises of muscle growth made, hmm? And now a study – click here – questions all those claims.

Its time to call enough is enough of do-gooders, especially do-gooders with all so good intentions, and most of all do-gooders with PhDs. Have an idea, great! Go spend the next 5-10years proving that it works in the long term and then try to monetize your idea. Enough of using all of us as your lab rats as your first clinical trial of your simple solution aimed at curing us of all our deficiencies. Fix yourself, then you may have something to offer as a solution.