Mark has a degree in Rehabilitation Medicine, is a Registered Physiotherapist, holds a certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), is a certified NCCP swim coach (Level 1), a trained NCCP triathlon coach (Level 2/Comp-Intro) and a Level 2 Swim Official (OSOA).  

As an age group athlete he swam club with York, competed in triathlons with Team PB under coaches Barrie Shepley and Sheldon Persad and trained with 2x Ironman Triathlon World Champion Lori Bowden.  While attending the University of Toronto, he swam with the Varsity Blues in distance freestyle events under coaches Byron McDonald and Linda Kiefer, training alongside Olympians Marianne Limpert and Turlough O’Hare

As a masters athlete he swam under coach Dave Judd with the Burlington Masters Swim Club (BMSC), and took on the position as coach of BMSC at the start of the 2014-2015 season.


Coaching Philosophy

I believe that athletes who are consistent peak performers are those who execute their sport with fluidity, grace, and beauty.  Fluid movement arises from exquisite technique.  It is technique which yields strength, speed, endurance, and power (not the opposite).   How else do a 13 year old, a 14 year old and a 15 year old win Olympic gold?  Developing technique is critical to achieving the ability to deliver a ‘relaxed effort’: when every ounce of energy generated by the athlete is transformed completely into speed and power without any waste (e.g. cramps, spasms, emotional engagement of fear, negative self-talk).  Peak performers in any sport have one thing in common: their performances appear effortless. Therefore to achieve consistent peak performance, coaching – hence training – must emulate this desired outcome.


Coaching Focus

Athletes who are stuck: after achieving a peak performance, have plateaued or have suffered a setback and despite additional training, performance improvements remain elusive.  Athletes who are burned-out or maxed-out as a result of pushing themselves, yet believe that their potential is still to be discovered and are in search of solutions.  Athletes plagued by injuries, who are in a state of training limbo because their body doesn’t permit full recovery, doesn’t allow a return to physical training free of doubt, uncertainty, or simply pain.  Athletes who are overtrained, and are not able to recover from neuroendocrine fatigue.  Most of all, the Athletes Cloud concept is for athletes seeking peak performance through the development, repetition, and execution of exquisite technique.


Coaching Goal

To help athletes (age group and masters) train and compete in partnership with their body, in unity with their physiology so that training and competing are healthy: physically, mentally, and emotionally.