Why Do I Blog [Part Deux]

I blog because the mindset of “PR or ER” has been elevated to the point that it has become the point of participating in sport, the meaning behind sport, meanwhile it is nothing more than a vile perversion of the beauty, the grace, the artistry which is sport.

PR or ER

“PR or ER” translates to… giving an effort to attempt a Personal Record where ending up in the Emergency Room is an acceptable consequence.

I blog because todays prevailing mindset of “PR or ER” is not only unhealthy, it is an impaired mental state.

It is a state of delusion to believe that risking your health, your well being, that gambling with your life is somehow remotely related to health, to your potential, to peak performance, to sport.

I blog because fitness – in our pursuit of health and wellness – has been elevated beyond the point of offering health, to the point where it comes at the cost of our health, at the cost of our physical, mental, and emotional well being. How else do you explain the polarity of the most medically and technologically advanced society ever to exist being simultaneously the most obese, diseased, addicted, and medicated society ever to exist? Simple… our core values, our priorities are no longer consistent with our inner selves, with our blueprints, and by choosing to pursue the appearance of success instead, we have failed to realize that we have paid for fleeting accomplishments with our real health, with real relationships, our vitality, our joie de vivre, our spirit.

Because the narrative has become that sport is synonymous with combat.

I blog because believing that sport is a battlefield where you engage your competitors in melee warfare to prove your greatness is absurd. That sport is for the purpose of seeking out pain with the intent of proving your manliness or womanliness by enduring, tolerating more pain than anyone else is asinine.

Because novice, sport, top ranked age group and masters athletes, and even professional athletes need to hear or be reminded that sport is none of this bulls#!t, and pursuing sport in this manner leads to resentment, jealousy, envy, anger, depression, bitterness, hate of sport, of oneself and of anyone associated with sport, and in the worst case scenarios to suicide.

Because no honest champion, no consistent peak performer describes sport in such a manner.

Three time Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh and member of “the greatest beach volleyball team of all time” describes sport as:

When sport is played the most beautifully, when you are in the flow, it feels like a dance. Things totally slow down, there is a rhythm to the game, a cadence, and you can kinda control the tempo: left – right – left with the approach and your arm swing is like a bow and arrow. I want to be dynamic… I want to have a smaller first step, and really explosive last two steps.  When I am jumping I go down to go up, and I use my arms and make it a full body movement.  Its all interconnected in everything head to toe.

Kerri Walsh Jennings, Gold Within 2016, Gabe Spitzer Sports

I blog because the true nature of sport, the innocence of sport needs to be retold.

I blog because I want my kids, I want all kids to know and all adults to remember that sport is not about fighting, nor is it about thrill seeking, instead its about love: a love of connection, of flow, of meaningful movement filled with endless discovery. Its about falling in love with the journey. A journey which follows a rhythm, undulating to the beat of time which has no constraints, no restraints. Training arises from the desire to be one with the energy and the waves of competition where your competitors cause you to dig deep into yourself, deeper than you could on your own, all from the shared desire to simply ride waves of grace with ease, with joy, in the pursuit of entangling oneself and being entangled with others in the spark of life… that undescribable feeling of peace and tranquility you find when you are unified harmoniously with yourself, your purpose. It may be a fleeting moment, but I blog because the pursuit of that moment as finite as it may seem before and after, yet endless during, is truly worth pursuit, and being pursued with all of one’s heart and passion.

kerri walsh jennings2I see greatness at all ages and I want to be a gold medalist at age 38 and say, “see I told you its possible”.

Kerri Walsh Jennings, Gold Within 2016, Gabe Spitzer Sports

I blog because I do not believe I have achieved my potential and because I believe that I and everyone else can experience purpose on higher and higher levels, at any age.