What Matters Most

Part 6 in a series on why articles on ‘nutrition’ and nutritional advice from ‘experts’ on diet is a waste of time, energy and effort [for the non-medically institutionalized population].

Ask a nutrition expert what matters most to an healthy diet and they will go off in every imaginable direction… calories, vitamins, minerals, superfoods, shakes, smoothees, raw food, paleo and every other diet trend, and so on.

Yet none of it is as important as what matters most. Watch, listen, learn and maybe you too will appreciate why all the nutrition advice in the world isn’t worth the hype.

NOTE:  in the fast food industry, no human is “cooking” or “preparing” anything. To attain the economies of scale and the symmetry (a Big Mac in Toronto is identical to a Big Mac in Miami, which is identical to a Big Mac in Paris), the menu items (I refuse to call any of it food) is mass produced in major manufacturing facilities called factories… by machines. The people who work in the individual fast food locations at most assemble the products you ordered into the shapes and sizes requested… that’s it.