Training Plan = Heart Attack

So you want to run in an event… probably a marathon, right? Everyone wants to run a marathon these days, because anything less if for whiners not winners.

So where do you begin? With Google! Search for a training plan to take you into your event of choice. But, let’s say you are a mindful individual, conscious of the fact that stepping up into a full marathon is perhaps a bit excessive for your body & brain, so you decide on a half marathon as a warm up to the full marathon.

Can’t go wrong… right?

Well, what if things do go wrong…

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But… he trained right, didn’t he? He didn’t do a full marathon, he started with an half and he trained “properly” because he followed a plan… isn’t that the right way to train?

Indeed, he followed a training plan, and even with a training plan… he was unable to avoid having an heart attack. And now as a result he has to live with a defibrillator implanted in his chest for the rest of his life, but fear not… the goal of a marathon is not abandoned.

Just need to find a “better” training plan, right? One that avoids heart attacks, because of course the one used to do the half-marathon must have been defective?

Point: training for sport does not follow a cookie cutter pattern… there is no one size fits all. The only reason training plans exist is because there are coaches who are willing to ‘sell’ the fantasy that there is an one size fits all for any and all events. Problem is… these coaches don’t have the smarts to know how dumb that statement is, and the problem that arises from that is that individuals who want to complete events end up believing dumb-ass coaches who sell fantasies and then end up dead, or almost dead.

Training – even at the age of 24 – needs to take into consideration far more than whether or not you can bang out the mileage… that is if you do not want to compromise on your health in the process. Otherwise you risk participating in the event by using your health like a credit card in an attempt to pay off the effort of the event (and hoping you have enough credit to get yourself to the finish line).

In the case above, this young man had the mileage but didnt have the health to race a half marathon, proper coaching could have prevented this… but hey, today everyone is so smart, no one needs a coach… all they need is a training plan.

Good luck with that.