The Travesty of IM

Imagine you created a contest – a test – to determine athletic supremacy.

Imagine you created a competition to decide who is the ultimate athlete.

Imagine you created a challenge where swimmers faced off against cyclists and runners to see who is the top athlete.

Imagine that your creation goes on to inspire thousands upon thousands to become athletes.

Imagine that your creation goes on to become an Olympic sport.


Now imagine, that in the pursuit of the acknowledgement that comes along with completing a triathlon, and more notably an Ironman triathlon (mainly due to the marketing) that individuals who call themselves coaches start to diminish, dumb down, disrespect your creation.

Now imagine, that coaches see an opportunity to monetize the aspirations of those who want to complete a triathlon, and start to take advantage of the recognition that you hear when you cross the finish line of an Ironman Corporation triathlon that “you are an Iron-man” and see it as an opportunity to sell short cuts.

Instead of your creation being a contest, a competition, a challenge, it has now become a way for non-athletes to one up their fellow non-athlete in a pissing contest of who will compromise on their health enough in order to make it across an Ironman Corporation finish line. How you finish doesn’t matter… crawling across the finish line may even come across as more ‘heroic’ because you can elicit emotions of giving it your all (when in reality you never trained enough to be allowed to toe the start line).

To those who are or aspire to being true athletes, who refuse to disrespect the arena of competition, the sanctity of competition, to those who refuse to diminish their fellow athletes, to those who refuse to compete until having put in the training that is the true payment required to toe the start line of a competition… its time to stand up against the fakes, the frauds, the finish line selfee takers, its time to protect that which you respect because sport is no longer respected for what it once was.

Sport has become entertainment, with any form of cheating, be it course cutting, doping, or worse… tampering with equipment of your competitors so you can gain an advantage for yourself has become accepted as simply part of the entertainment. Sport is no longer about training for years, about commitment, dedication, sacrifice, perseverance, its about short cuts and short cutting your way to the front of the back, to the finish line. Its about tshirts, selfees, and participation medals.

Athletes… its time to take back sport, your sport. Its time to set standards for yourself and for all those who want to truly be athletes.

Coaches… its time to take back sport, your sport. Its time to set standards for yourself and for all those who want to call themselves coaches.

If we do, then the clowns who want short cuts and the clowns who want to sell short cuts can come to realize that their mindset, their attitude, their disrespect is no longer wanted in or around sport, that they are no longer tolerated in sport.

If we do, then we can return sport to where it belongs, to what it is meant to be.

If we do, then we can end the travesty that has become training for triathlon events…