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Jesse's Journey

It started in 2014 when Mary and her family were vacationing as they had for the past 15 years, enjoying a fishing trip at Rice Lake.  During that vacation Mary learnt that the family who operates the fishing trips lost two brothers to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  That summer, Brian Connor a remaining brother was participating in the Rice Lake – Jesse’s Journey – Challenge raising money to find a cure for the disease.  With the challenge approaching, Mary sponsored Brian in 2014 and promised to return in 2015 to complete the 4.5km swim across Rice Lake herself.

On August 22nd 2015 Mary did indeed swim across Rice Lake and in doing so she raised $1,900.  In total, $22,000 was raised by all those who swam, cycled, walked and golfed.

Team work!, small filePhoto by David Johannesson

What is equally inspiring is Mary’s story.  A 4.5km swim even for those with a competitive swimming background and extensive training is no easy feat.  Add in the dimension of swimming in open water which requires sighting to swim a straight line (avoiding zigzagging across the Lake and swimming extra meters), and the fact that a wind can make waves making it feel like you are swimming uphill or upstream and the distance becomes the easy part.

To prepare for the challenge, Mary started to train with the Burlington Masters Swim Club (BMSC) in September 2014.  Mary trained 2-4x a week throughout the entire indoor season and then continued with the club’s summer swim program up until the week of the event.

Mary returned to BMSC to share the experience, reflecting back that she was well prepared and able to enjoy the swim.  In fact, she was swimming so well that the escorts in the boat asked her to slow down as her pace was going to put her at the dock ahead of schedule.

Congratulations Mary

Finish!, small filePhoto by David Johannesson