Sign of the Times

The news of how the Boeing 737 Max was designed and was certified as safe to fly, sums up the current mindset… short cuts, short cuts, and more short cuts in order to make money as quickly and as easily as possible (as in with minimal work, if any at all) to the point that the lives of those who would eventually be flying on the plane is no matter of consequence.

Seriously… what can we expect other than planes falling out of the sky, killing everyone on board when the mindset from the get-go is anything other than excellence? How can we possibly expect anything else? And what… a collective ‘oops’ or ‘my bad’ from Boeing is supposed to be the apology we are expected to accept as sufficient?

Its no different in sport…

A mindset of short cuts, short cuts and more short cuts has taken over, with the goal of making it to the finish line of our chosen event to be made as easy as possible (as in with as little training as possible).

What is not surprising is that there are coaches willing to climb on board this mindset and sell the short cuts. With designers, engineers and the entire C-level of executives at Boeing being all-in on whatever it took to beat European based airplane manufacturer Airbus in delivering a next generation of fuel efficiency plane where wagering the lives of those who would eventually fly on the plane being immaterial… that coaches are willing to do the same should be no surprise. What’s one or a couple lives, if we are willing to kill hundreds at a time?

Ask yourself… do you want to fly on a Boeing 737 Max?

If not, then why are you willing to train under the guidance of a coach who has as much of a conscience as the Boeing team that developed, built, and sold the 737 Max? Stick with that kind of coach and your training and racing will fly just as well as a 737 Max.

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