Short vs Long

Ask runners and the key event for them will undoubtedly be either a half or full marathon. Ask an open water swimmer and their event will be 4, 5 or 10km open water swims (with a few going so far as to suggest that nothing short of 15k is the pre-eminent event). Ask triathletes… actually you don’t have to ask triathletes because they will tell you before you get a chance to ask that nothing less than a 70.3 or full 140.6 iron distance triathlon is the metric of a triathlete.

You mean nothing except the longest distances pose a challenge?

I beg to differ, and not only do I but the author of this article…

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Excerpt from the article:

“…on the hierarchy of running achievement, longer doesn’t automatically mean more difficult. Another way of putting this is that it’s less about what you run and more about how you run.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Real satisfaction comes not from mindlessly trying to finish longer and longer distances in any sport.

Real satisfaction comes from performing in sport at higher and higher levels of technical excellence.