Running Shoe Sales Scam

What happens when you put any body part into a cast?

What does it look like 6 or 8 weeks after having a cast?

Besides hairy, its what… thin, weak, fragile.

Alright… so what happens when you place an orthotic onto a body part?

The exact same thing.

The orthotic – whether that be a foot orthotic or any other type of orthotic – will result in the underlying structures slowly becoming more and more dependent on the supporting features and functions of the orthotic device, hence the underlying structures will weaken and in time be unable to support the body part or entire body without the orthotic device.

Now, with this said… there is a time and place and person who will need a true orthotic device and thank goodness there are health care technicians & professionals specializing in constructing these custom devices for patients. For the most part, most do not need orthotics. What is needed is a proper training program that teaches the body to do the work the orthotic device would do, so that the orthotic device is no longer needed, or not needed to begin.

What if… all the stability shoe nonsense, and orthotic nonsense is actually the source of many running injuries and not the so-called solution that its made out to be by your typical specialty running store sales clerk?

What if… all the support, stability, etc… that we are putting under our arches is resulting in the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and even bones becoming more and more dependent on the supporting structures, hence having to work less and less becoming weaker and in time instead of being able to function properly, become so dependent on being ‘casted’ 24/7 that without a stability shoe or orthotic insert or both… the person ends up not even able to walk.

Yet that same person will swear that if it wasnt for the amazing support in their shoes and orthotics… they would never be able to walk again.

Gee… this sounds like a terrific con job if you are in the business of selling shoes and need to ensure that your customers become repeat customers and in turn bring in more customers (all with foot problems, foot pain, and most importantly running injuries)!

For those not interested in being scammed any longer, there is an alternative but you won’t find it in any specialty running retail shop… its called training.

Indeed. You can actually train the muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones in your feet, your lower leg, your entire leg all the way up to your core to becoming more agile, able to balance with less effort and exertion, leading to greater coordination in movement.

Guess how that happens?

Right… through repetitive simple silly little exercises that most laugh off as pointless and useless, meanwhile they will run – sorry, i mean hobble – over to their running store sales clerk seeking a solution for all their running injuries, and never clue in to the fact that their injuries have progressively become worse and worse, even chronic in some cases as a result of the shoe sales scam of… seek ye… Stability! Support!

What I would like to see… research that identifies just how many running injuries result from so-called ‘proper running shoe selection’ from a typical specialty running retailer. How many injuries have actually been caused? Based on that research, I believe an estimate could be made of all the wasted health care dollars that the public health care system and individuals have used for private health care in ‘resolving’ issues that were never properly solved because the so-called solution never was, instead running shoe selection by a sales clerk being a bandaid that covers up what is truly needed: proper training, proper progression, perhaps even a period of no running so that the body can heal, return to zero so that it can be built up to take the repeat stresses of running or whatever is the sport the athlete is involved.