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Ask most runners how to improve in their running and they will tell you that you just need to go out and run, and then run some more, and then some more. It’s true but it’s conditional, conditional on the runner having exquisite running form, posture, and technique.  Otherwise, it’s running that just repeats over and over poor running form.  And then runners wonder why they are repeatedly injured, or are sore for days after runs.

Consider that top East African runners (i.e. Kenyan, Ethiopian, Eritrea, Somali athletes) perform entire training sessions focusing solely on technique. In fact, these top athletes will do drill after drill after drill, for 1-2 hours straight. Meanwhile, we wonder how is it that they run so majestically, so effortlessly? Well, if the best of the best train form, posture, and technique for hours on end, wouldn’t it make sense for all levels of runners to train similarly? Absolutely.

Agility, balance, and coordination are skills that can be and must be developed if an athlete wants to be injury free thus consistent in their training, and if an athlete wants to progress, improving in their ability to run faster for longer. For running to become easier, gentler, lighter, more fluid, then skill training through drills is the training solution.

Intro to Running Technique (Entry level)

  • For athletes who didn’t know that there was such a thing as drills and skill work for running. An introduction to proper foot strike, breathing, posture including head, shoulder, and arm position, resulting in a series of drill workouts that the athlete can add to their weekly training program.
  • Click here to link to The Athlete’s Cloud Tumblr page for examples of entry level drills

Intermediate Running Technique (Sport level)

  • For athletes who have been training entry level drills and need to progress to more challenging skill work, and more challenging combinations of drills. Specific drills are introduced to address imbalances in technique so that the athlete can become increasingly efficient in their form, minimizing wasted energy, maximizing speed and endurance.

Advanced Running Technique (Performance level)

  • For athletes who seek the next level of their potential, who seek a new level of performance and have a minimum of two years of both conditioning and skill training. Cadence and coordinated skill training becomes the focus at the performance level.
  • Click here to link to The Athlete’s Cloud Tumblr page for examples of performance level drills

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