What is it that you want from training?  What is Return on Training – the RoT – that you seek?

What do you want rep4x

It’s a simple question, but answering it isn’t simple.  How you start your journey determines your end point, because all that you do, all the hours you spend training, recovering, eating, sleeping, mentally and emotionally rehearsing, every conscious moment, every subconscious moment, the how of every execution of the plan flows from what you set out to achieve.

All of us start life with a blank canvas which will be creatively filled in by our imaginations, by our actions, by our follow through.  The challenge is that there is only so much space on the canvas, and only so many hours that we have to paint the story that is our life.

We have to choose.  Either, we will be experts in nothing by spreading ourselves out too thin; by striving to accomplish everything we achieve nothing of significance, of value, of meaning. Or, we will be masters at a craft, by focusing, zeroing in, narrowing down to one thing that we allow ourselves to fall in love with, doing nothing other then spending our life playing, discovering, experimenting, enjoying, and experiencing it.

The challenge is deciding.  To avoid making the decision is itself a decision, by default you decide to become an expert in nothing, falsely believing that you are keeping your options open. There is a time and a place for keeping options open, but not when it comes to the love of your life. Deciding to focus on, to permit ourselves to indeed fall in love requires us to close the door on all others. It is by closing the door to all others that we allow ourselves to become intimate with our love, to experience connection and passion on the deepest levels.

Bob Bowman demanded that Michael Phelps decide… is it going to be baseball, lacrosse, or swimming, because it wasn’t going to be all three, and if it was, Bowman wasn’t going to coach Phelps.

Peak performance demands all of our attention.  Peak performance is a jealous lover, it wants all of you, and in return for your commitment, dedication, perseverance, loyalty, integrity, and courage, it rewards you with a lifetime of experiences unavailable to any who decide to live afraid, afraid to chose, afraid to decide.

An existence is available to all. A life is available only to those who decide not to live in fear.