Our Health Care System

I worked in the public health care system for close to 20 years, and I can attest to the accuracy (i.e. relative accuracy, not necessarily absolute values) of the charts below…

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Wonder why our health care system becomes more and more expensive every year while less and less actual health care is delivered?

Its simple – although you will never hear it from any politician or nightly news network – its because all the “bigger and bigger budgets” that each political party promises goes almost exclusively into one area: the hiring of more and more health care administrators.

Many of you may not recall, but one “bigger budget” promise was that Ontario would be divided into smaller regions with specific budgets given to each regions to address the unique issues of that region. The outcome was the creation of the LHINs (local health integrated networks) and with that creation hundreds of administrators were hired first, blowing LHIN budgets almost entirely in the process. Plus, health care administrators need plush offices and top of the line equipment to do their jobs which led to whatever remained in those LHIN budgets to be blown.

How much actual additional health care was delivered as a result of the creation of LHINs? Undoubtedly, only pennies of each dollar provided by the Government of Ontario ended up as actual front line health care. Alongside the LHINs, the Community Care Access Centres (CCACs) can be added, along with other health care units which all operate in a comparable manner.

Millions of tax dollars blown… on administrators, supervisors, managers, and their office expenses and we wonder why our health care system is failing? Its not for a lack of funding, but because the funding rarely makes it to the front lines… to where health care is actually delivered. Instead it is siphoned off feeding a massive machine of administrators who do nothing but critique our system and make grandiose suggestions of where and what needs to be changed in order to improve the system. That’s right… individuals who have NEVER studied health or health care, who have NEVER delivered health care, are actually INCAPABLE of working on the front line, of experiencing the front line, of delivering actual health care, are hired in droves and handed the reigns of our health care system!

And how pray tell do these expensive administrators make decisions as to the future of our health care system? Based on lengthy – very very lengthy – reports, which they themselves type up day after day.

The insanity doesn’t stop there. Health care administrators are far too self important, and are paid far too much to actually collect raw data themselves, let alone compile it and press ‘insert chart’ on Excel spreadsheets to create graphs, and charts, to be used in their reports. So health care administrators blow what remains of health care budgets on hiring managers, case managers, and supervisors to do the ‘dirty work’ of actually amassing data. Health care administrators withhold their skills to reviewing the finalized charts, and then presenting them.

And we wonder why our health care system is failing us, and falling apart?

Its because the actual delivery of health care has become irrelevant. What matters is what the graphs, charts and reports say is being delivered. If the reports say that all is well, then all is well! And, because everyone is doing such a good job creating those reports we need to spend even more to hire even more administrators so even more graphs, charts and reports can be printed and published showing the public just how spectacular is their health care system (and how full of s#!t they are when they complain about it).

Our health care system is failing because it has become as obese, as medicated and as addicted as the average Canadian.

Our health care system – like an obese body – has become so bloated with health care administrators that its being overwhelmed to the point that its function is being compromised.

Our health care system – like sclerotic arteries – is so clogged with excessive numbers of supervisors and managers that the heart of our system – health care professionals – are at risk of burning out due to the unrelenting and intense pressure and stress placed on them.

Our health care system – like an opioid addict – is so obsessed with data, charts, graphs and reports, that its become unable to zoom out and take in a larger perspective of the effect that the addiction is having on its survive-ability.

What health care administrators should be reviewing are charts and reports like those at the top of this post that point to the true waste in the system (i.e. THEM!), the true risk to the system (i.e. THEM!). But that would be asking for a level of accountability that is impossible to ask of civil servants… as it would mean they would have to fire one of their own. Besides its so much easier to fire… nurses, therapists, counsellors, etc… so why look at the true state of affairs, and why not continue to create the appearance of cosmetic health of the system with another report with even more charts and graphs.

Our health care system will implode, for one reason: because administrators will continue to gorge on the budgets given to them, creating a system even more bloated, even more clogged, even sicker than it is already. And, they will do this until our own health care system has its very own heart attack or stroke. When that happens… no different than the crisis the financial system experienced in 2009, we will hear from these administrators, from our politicians and experts alike that no one could have foreseen and predicted the crisis of our health care system. Meanwhile, they will all clamor for attention claiming to have the answer to repair the damage done and to prevent another crisis from ever happening.

Point of this post…

Do not bet that the health care system will be there to save you when you are in need, because our health care system will itself likely be in the Emergency department desperately trying to be resuscitated by an entire team of health professionals (Note: not by administrators, they instead will reserve their talents to judging the health professionals on their efforts of trying to revive the ill patient).

Take your health care into your own hands. Start to eat properly, get enough sleep, exercise appropriately (i.e. not HiiT), and start to pair down your life, downsizing all the stresses and stressors that are not needed for you to live your purpose.

Your health is up to you, don’t wait to learn that lesson the hard way.