On Doing No Harm

I highly encourage you to watch this video of UofT Psychology professor Jordan Peterson responding to an answer as to what advice he would give our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau…

Do no harm, or at least stop before introducing legislation, passing bills, before taking action hoping that harm will not result and actually consider the costs and consequences ahead of time… is the message.

Is this not the Hippocratic oath (or at least a variation) of the oath taken by medical doctors?

Indeed it is.

In fact it is the code of ethics that all health professionals are to abide by when interacting with patients… do not provide a therapy, or treatment, or ‘solution’ if the risk of harm is such that the value of the ‘solution’ compromises the overall or long term health of the individual.

Yet this is not what we do in practice, and it is not limited merely to politicians and health care professionals.  Today, it is do first, act immediately, for ‘doing nothing’ is considered worse than actually doing something even if it does result in harm, in the short or hopefully in the long term where the connection to the ‘solution’ is blurred by time.

In the fitness & sport industry its even worse… those posing as trainers, as coaches, as ‘fitness and wellness professionals’ dish out ‘solution’ after ‘solution’ without any understanding, any comprehension, any basis for being in a position to offer ‘solutions’. Having taken a weekend course all of a sudden they are proclaimed to be ‘professionals’ relating to all things health & wellness and are unleashed upon the public at health clubs, gyms and fitness centres proclaimed as ‘the’ individuals who will take you from fat to fit, from unwell to well… yet none of them even have a concept of what harm they are capable of doing.

This is what passes today for ‘solutions’ for our health & wellness.

Is should therefore be no surprise that our society has only become increasingly overweight, obese, anxious, depressed as it is taking advice from those who don’t have the slightest idea of what is health, what is wellness, nor of any harm that there ‘help’ results.

If you truly seek health and wellness, then it falls upon you to find an individual who is a true health & wellness professional. One who will stop and consider what harm is possible, what harm is likely, and the cost and consequences of the ‘solution’ before offering any advice.  One who has experimented on themselves first and has first found health and wellness before starting to experiment on everyone and anyone willing to subject themselves to their help.

The full video from which the above video is dervied: