HiiT Kills 15yo Athlete

Excerpt from:

Teenage Cyclocross Champion Died in Sleep After Heart Attack


Let that sink in for a moment… a 15year old boy – a child – is DEAD because he was coached so intensely, pushed to such extremes that he suffered heart attacks in training which eventually led to a final heart attack that claimed his life… in his sleep!

To all those trainers, coaches and exercise physiologists who says HiiT is good exercise, is “healthy”,…


A child is dead, dead for crying out loud and we are still blowin the bullshit up everyone’s arse that HiiT (as in Hi Intensity Interval Training) is good, healthy, the right way to lose weight, get fit (whatever that is), the way to train for sport!  Its absolute frikkin insanity serving only one purpose: so the fitness, sport & health industries can sell you services and products. Screw you and your health… as long as they can make sales quotes and profit targets who cares how many people have to die… children included.

Fitness… What Is It?

The term “fitness” never sat well with me… like a sweater that just doesn’t fit right and you keep adjusting it, fidgeting in it, wondering is it you or the sweater. Now I think I know what’s wrong with the term “fitness” and the explanation to “what is fitness” fits fitness like a fitted shirt.

I’m reminded of the quote…

“The truth is still the truth even if no one believes it.
A lie is a lie even if everyone believes it.”

Let me use a parallel to provide the context…

Every now and then, one or a group of females will take issue with the representation of the female body made by a retailer, or a magazine, or a manufacturer of a particular piece of female clothing and how the female figure is branded, marketed, packaged and sold. The image of female perfection comes under intense fire as it is deemed not representative of the majority.  The most recent time – I think – this was in the news was when mannequins were vandalized in retail stores, specifically those that represented the “average” female body as something in the range of size -2 to 0, maybe +2 at most. The typical pattern in the ‘fix’: industry apologizes, a temporary fix is put in place with promises of policies and procedures to be written and implemented at the corporate level promising that this travesty never happens again, caution tape is wrapped around the offending mannequins, and in a couple of weeks… the tape comes down, and we are back to the way it was.

What a perfect parallel to “fitness” because… like the ideal representation of the female – or male – body … in reality there is no such thing as “fitness”. Like the clothing industry, the fitness industry must create an illusion of perfection in order to sell itself. In the clothing industry, the value of an article of clothing depends on how “beautiful” it has the potential to make the buyer think they will look in it… hence the thin mannequins used by retailers. In the fitness industry, if the services of trainers, the value of a gym, the entire concept of working out is to be sold over and over and over again… then there must be a prize, a treasured outcome to the pain, the sweating, and the agony that we are to put ourselves through… and there it is… if you buy our services says the fitness industry you shall end up beautiful.

Problem is…  there is no such thing as fitness!

If you can be healthy but not look fit because you do not fit the industry model of a fit human being, and if you can be fit but not healthy… then fitness is an opinion, neither real nor a reality.

Fitness is a sales tactic to emotionally trigger our inner desire for health, but by selling to our senses instead of our intellect, our ego is targeted hence our hunger for beauty, for admiration, for acknowledgement, even our quiet desires of making others jealous and covetous of our appearance, guilty over their own lack of appearance… and just like that we are sold on personal training, bootcamps, spinning classes, 10wk weight loss programs, plus assortments of protein powders, bars, gels, smoothees, all promising instant solution to our problematic ugliness with beauty just a handful of intense workout sessions away. Beauty that you will be able to post on Instagram and Snapchat hopefully adding to your popularity.

Problem is…  there is no such thing as fitness!

No, its not a problem for the fitness industry… its a solution, because they have the masses chasing something that does not exist! Brilliant! Sell an illusionary image as the goal, but don’t tell anyone that the image isn’t real. It’s the old bait-and-switch game… make a promise then forget to tell the customer that the promise is an impossibility.

Why isn’t fitness real? Because we are not uni-dimensional beings we are multi-dimensional beings: we are indeed physical beings, but we are equally intellectual and emotional and spiritual beings. If anyone of the bunch is not healthy, then the entire human is not healthy. If just one of the bunch is healthy, it fails to make the entire human healthy… even though they may look healthy (from the outside).

Surely you have heard that “beauty is only skin deep”…  and that is why beauty is not equivalent to health, because beauty is like a piece of clothing… on trend this moment, out the next. Health on the other hand doesn’t trend; it cannot because health you can neither put on or take off: either you’ve got it or you don’t, and the reality is… there is no hiding it when you don’t (doesn’t matter how much concealer and foundation you think covers it up either cause it doesn’t). Health takes work…. loads and loads of work, in fact health can take years of work to regain after the health of youth has been spent chasing fame and fortune.

You can look like a fitness model, and you may not have any signs or symptoms of physical disease, but that doesn’t indicate health because you could easily be suffering mental health issues, or having suffered a recent emotional event in your life be incapable of continuing on in daily living despite your good looks.

If good looks were everything, then why do so many athletes and celebrities commit suicide?

I challenge you to consider… if you are pursuing fitness, then what are you truly trying to hide and from whom? Do you really think that by fixing what you look at in the mirror every morning is gonna fix the inner turmoil, restrain all those unresolved hurts, those pains, will somehow silence the repressed emotions that eat away at you everyday?

I challenge you to consider… not a workaround solution instead believe that you are worth the investment of a full, real, true solution. It will take work but you are worth it… seek true healing, true health not the quick fixes that industry wants to sell you.

“Ask and it will be given; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”  Matthew 7:7

Breathing TED Talks

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Funding our Health Care System

Sometimes the timing of things simply amazes me…

Once again, I was reviewing my daily list of websites when I saw this article titled:

“Patients are Dying in Hospital Corridors”

The article can be found by clicking here to link to the mises.org website.

The points in the above article are not startling to anyone who has worked in the UK healthcare system or the Canadian healthcare system… both socialized systems suffer from the same malaise. What was amazing to me was the fact that I had the blog below already written and was only waiting to publish it, to find someone else had the same blog in mind.

Just in case it is not universally known… our provinces health care system has one budget that has to spread around and shared by all those in the province.

Simple concept, but not so simple in execution because the state of health of the entire population of a province isn’t something that fits nicely or easily into a ‘budget’. For example, if there is a break out (e.g. SARS) then a hospital’s budget for an entire year could be blown in a matter of weeks because of the demand placed on it by an emergency situation.

As residents of Ontario, we expect and want health care crises (e.g. SARS) to be contained and dealt with, BUT the reality is that someone (i.e. taxpayers) have to pay for that… but taxes and budgets are set out well in advance.

With that said though, the point of this post is not to identify one time issues, but how annual budgets are wasted, and how incredible amounts of time and energy and effort are wasted in order for health care facilities and professionals simply to get reimbursed for the work they do, day in and day out.

Awhile back a new billing thus funding system was introduced to Long Term Care facilities (aka nursing homes) in Ontario. The way the system worked was based on how front line staff, as in PSWs (personal support workers) and the registered nursing staff coded their efforts during their shifts. How the facility staff documented their interactions with the facility residents changed how much the nursing home would receive in the following budget period.

Let me remind you… there is only one budget in Ontario, and it is shared by all… so if one organization gets more…. surprise, surprise… someone else has to get less.

So, imagine what happens when long term facilities figured out that they can get “more” funding based on how they document the health care, staff provided. They figured out rather quickly that if they documented (i.e. code treatments) into the system in particular ways they could trigger certain criteria points that would cause their facility to get more funding based on the data that showed they were delivering “more” care.

The resources piled into ‘gaming’ (exact words of the Ministry of Health staff charged with implementing MDS RAI) the funding system for Long Term Care facilities was unimagineable – especially to the Ministry of Health!  Seriously.  The Ministry of Health could not predict that for-profit health care corporations operating long term care facilities in Ontario (e.g. Chartwell, Extendicare, Revera) would be eager to extract as much of the budget for themselves.

Yeah… like it takes a real rocket scientist to figure out that a for-profit company is interested and would be highly motivated to maximize revenue, hence profits if and when the opportunity arose… nope, couldn’t see that one coming. Where is Will Ferrell when you need him?

Imagine what happened across corporate boardrooms all over Toronto when this loophole was discovered… hundreds of long term care facilities figuring out all at once that if they weren’t coding in certain ways, but others were…  and then there was a sudden shift in the force as everyone realized all at once that if they weren’t blowing the Ministry of Health’s budget for long term care spending, someone else was!  It became a free for all as everyone went all-in on figuring out how to maximize their own cut of the budget pie.

This is our health care system in a nutshell and just another reason why despite anyone’s promises – especially politicians and health care experts called in to propose solutions – fixing the system so that it is fair and works all the time for everyone is not only unrealistic, its impossible.

If the funding fiasco which was the MDS RAI project of Long Term Care facilities irritates you, then you will not want to hear that the entire system basically works in this way…

Wonder why CCAC’s hire health professionals in abundance in April and start firing as early as the early winter? Its because April 1st marks the beginning of the Ontario health care budget. At that point in the year everyone is awash in cash. That lasts thru the summer until about December which is approximately the time CCAC budgets start approaching their limits.  Fewer appointments are made available, fewer follow ups are available, fewer therapists are on hand as budgets are almost entirely spent. Next April 1st the cycle starts all over again.

Seriously! It absolutely does matter when in the calendar you get sick, because when you get sicks determines how much money is left in Ministry of Health budgets which has a direct connection to surgery wait times, on the availability of doctors, nurses, therapists, as well as hospital beds, not to mention how much follow up care you can expect.

It all comes down to budgets, and since budgets are finite the reality is that the amount of health care that can be delivered is equally finite in any given budget period.

Anyone selling you on the illusion that our or any health care system is limitless, or that there is a way to structure any health care system so that every single person of the population gets every type of care they need, when they need, in limitless quantities… is likely a politician.

No one in the system discusses the reality of the system because either they are profiting from the system as it stands (i.e. those working in the system), or they make their living selling that the system’s issues are the fault of the opposition party and if they were only made the governing party all would be resolved (at least this time around… unlike last time when the same promises were made but nothing changed).

The reality is… for the first few months of every budget year everyone is on a tear to blow as much of their allotted amount of the total provincial health care budget as quickly as possible because the more they blow, the more revenue and profit for them, and the less for everyone else. The fact that this “tear” to spend the budget ripples throughout the entire province negatively impacting the delivery of health care year after year is the elephant in the room which is working its way to bankrupting the entire system (that is unless taxpayers want to continue to bankroll the budgets to endless heights).

Funding issues exist in all realms of our health care system.

Doctors face their own caps, clawbacks, and limitations, so if you wonder why they are at time unavailable, perhaps only able to see you so many times a year, more often in one period and less often in others, etc… well don’t be… it comes down to budgets.

Medical labs face the same issue… they have budgets to, and believe it or not, there are only so many samples (e.g. blood tests) that can be taken and analyzed when you have a budget.

Name the aspect of the health care system that you need… and guess what… same thing. The level and amount and speed of service depends on…. how much has already been spent on other Ontario residents before you show up with your health issues.

The easy targets in this arrangement are the health care professionals who are hamstrung by their professional obligation and responsibility to deliver health care but often do so knowing that they are giving of their time, their energy, their expertise while the chances of them being actually appropriately reimbursed – and in a timely manner and without risk of clawback – may be 50% at most. Consider that next time your doctor, your nurse or therapist is stressed.

No, its not an excuse for health professionals not to be professional… but consider the fact that over time… not knowing if you are going to be paid, or when, or how long the delay in payments will be this time wear on even the most professional. Health professionals are no different… they have mortgages and car payments, and need to buy groceries and enroll their kids in programs.  My apologies… I digress from the point of this post.

Next time you are frustrated with the health care system… I suggest instead be frustrated with yourself because clearly you are sick or had your accident at the wrong time of the year (as in budget year).  Next time, make sure you are sick, have your accident or need that surgery or emergency care in the early part of the health care budget season… as in April-October because you can be at least somewhat more certain of getting the care you need.

Don’t like that option… then there is another. Take your health and well being into your own hands, and stop depending on a system which is NOT designed to be there when you need it to be there when you need it. Instead of having to learn the hard way… start to eat right, get enough sleep, exercise appropriately and smartly (i.e. no HiiT), and start to eliminate all unnecessary stressors and stresses that prevent you from living in health.

The unfortunate reality is that our health care system is designed to exist only enough to make it seem as if it is there. Catch it at the right time… and it may be there for you, catch it at the wrong time… and your health will be your problem, just yours because there isn’t any more budget in the system for you.

Oh, forgot to mention one other tool of the Ministry of Health in managing budgets…

FYI… when the MOHLTC wants to eliminate a budget for some specific aspect of the health care system, they make the funding available for that service so low that it becomes uneconomic to deliver it in the reality of the current marketplace (i.e. rent, staffing, office expenses, etc…).

In this way, the MOHLTC can say it does indeed offer and fund that service… BUT because the actual delivery of a service is the duty of health care professionals, the MOHLTC has the easy out that the lack in the system is due to a lack of health professionals or a lack of health professionals available to deliver that service.

Trust me… it works great to de-incentivize health professionals to deliver health care services: offering pennies to deliver what requires dollars will eliminate that specific service in no time flat.

So… there you have it.  Wanna be one of those dying in hospital corridors?  Wanna be the one that gambles with their health, their life, relying on a strategy of ‘hoping’ that the health care system will be there – and fully funded – when you need them, when you are in need? Go right ahead, but just don’t complain while you await hour after hour in the corridor for a doctor, or a scan, or a test, or a nurse.

Trust me when I tell you to take your health into your own hands and become as healthy as you can, so that you, your family, your kids, anyone you love and care for needs the health care system is as little as possible.  Its called managing known risks well in advance.

Defining Deviancy Down

Like all mornings, I start off reviewing a lengthy list of websites for thought provoking articles, research, and blog posts. Today, I was gobsmacked after seeing this…

Clearly the concept of consistent mindful effort with the intent of achieving goals and dreams has been rendered null and void in a generation coddled from birth, in a generation told they can be anything they want, told they can have anything they want… when bored instead of turning to self development, they turn to stupidity.

If the shortest step to stardom is stupidity, then all the better for a generation addicted to followers, likes, and the dream of instant internet fame that eating laundry pods is considered a ‘smart’ decision.

You read that right, Millenials are eating laundry pods after branding the activity the “Tide Pod Challenge” and are posting videos of themselves foaming at the mouth.

Parents of these toddlers in adult bodies (i.e. Millenials) really should be asking themselves… what happened? What did we or didn’t we do that has led to our children growing up into adults who have lost the ability to think, to reason, to critically analyze, to assess, to evaluate?

Unfortunately, parents of Millenials – i.e. the Boomers – are too busy obsessed with their stock portfolios, their career ladders, their home renovations, and their newly leased Benz or Rover to care that their children are incapable of thinking, lack basic life skills. Reality has not sunk in yet that constantly providing your child with the latest smartphone upgrade does not equate to parenting, to mentoring, to teaching, to loving your child… it does nothing to raise them up into self sufficient, independently thinking adults capable of contributing to society.

Instead, we have a generation so mindless that injesting chemicals is “fun”. Meanwhile, this generation is so highly threatened by anyone who chooses to exercise their right to free speech to share their perspective on a topic that they call on the government to censor, to jail, to pass legislation preventing free speech. Their grandparents fought and lost their lives to obtain the freedoms they enjoy today; they stood against tyranny, against domination by evil, but their grandchildren never taught these lessons, never instructed in the perils of forgetting history, have taken to inviting the devil not only onto home soil, but directly into their homes. It is this mindlessness, this level of chosen ignorance (i.e. stupidity) that in the past has led to dictators being put into power, that has led to genocide, that has led to war and inevitably to death.

“In 1993, US Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D., N.Y.) coined the phrase “defining deviancy down”. Moynihan’s thesis was that, as a society, America has been “redefining deviancy” so as to exempt conduct previously stigmatized, and quietly raising the “normal” level for behaviour that was abnormal by earlier standards.” (3)

Any society that becomes numb, achieves a “narcoleptic state that diminishes the human condition to the point where soldiers can eat their battlefield rations on the bodies of the fallen… a society that loses its sense of outrage is doomed to extinction.” (3)

So it seems that this generation will have to relive the evils of the past to be woken up because waking up on their own or being woken up no longer seems possible without catastrophe.

To the parents of the next generation… take heed from the failures of the Boomers who did not raise their children but let technology “parent”, “love” and “do it for them”.  To parents today, the temptation may be for Alexa or Siri to take over where smartphones stopped, do not fall for it. Invest in your children, care – as if it needs to be said, but clearly it needs to be said – about your children, be parents not custodians of your children. Help your children by giving them the experiences they need in order to be able to function on their own as adults.

It is not denying children childhood by making them realize responsibility, accountability, and ownership.  It is using childhood for what childhood is supposed to be used for… a time for mistakes, for errors, to gain experience.  Childhood is not a time to be wasted, its a time when every mistake possible should be made – under parental supervision and guidance – so that the child gains as much understanding of life as possible so that upon adulthood they aren’t starting from scratch. Mistakes at 7, 10 and 12 are easier to repair, easier to learn from, easier to move on from, cheaper to fix! Those same mistakes at 25, 30 or 40 can leave life long effects… effects that some may be unable to recover from fully.

If you refuse to be a parent, deny your child a loving parent, then do not be surprised when you see your adult-toddler making videos of themselves eating laundry pods thinking its their ticket to fame, to stardom, to fortunes.

The “Tide Pod Challenge” is a reflection on the mental-emotional stability and state of the Millenial generation, and it is equally a reflection of the parenting performed by Boomers.

Think about what you want for your kids… then decide what they need from you today, as in now, so that they end up there and not on the floor with a friend calling a Poison Control Center.


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Sometimes the best blog, is someone else’s blog…

The website http://breakingmuscle.com has a few trainers/coaches who post thought provoking and well written blogs. Here are two written by Shane Trotter:

  • The Saboteurs of Health in America

Link: http://breakingmuscle.com/fitness/the-saboteurs-of-health-in-america

Addiction is business, and business is booming at the cost of your health, and the health of your children. Trotter lists the following industries on his list of saboteurs: convenience food, technology, and pharmaceutical. I would add to the list… the health & fitness industries, specifically trainers and coaches so addicted in their own lives (to the above and to themselves) that they prescribe fitness and training plans which are as addictive and unhealthy as they are. Absolutely, these trainers and coaches have cosmetic health to fool you into believing they are healthy, but if they are so healthy then why are they so addicted to hi intensity training (HiiT), and why are they trying to turn you into an addict of their “no pain, no gain” training pattern? Its to turn you into an addict of their workouts which are designed to cause enough pain that your body releases endorphins – your home grown version of morphine – so that you feel the high, so you start to enjoy that high, want the high… eventually need the high. To what end? Your health is irrelevant, all they want is your money! They want you addicted so you seek them out as a supplier of workouts that are hard enough, painful enough, that you can get your dose of natural painkillers.. and your high.

Which sets the reader up perfectly for another of Trotter’s blogs:

  • The Most Physically and Mentally Unhealthy Generation in History

Link: https://breakingmuscle.com/fitness/the-most-physically-and-mentally-unhealthy-generation-in-history

Oh, they’re harmless… fast food chains, social media, and come on… pharmaceuticals… all those pills have healed hundreds of thousands of people… haven’t they?

No, they are not harmless. The convenience of fast food is not without consequence, the supposed connection that social media creates between people creates more depression, isolation, and mental health problems then it creates, and the pills the pharmaceutical industry push do not cause health… health comes from within, not from without.


What Symmetry…

As much as I find the physiology and the psychology of peak performance fascinating, the physiological and psychological symmetry that we find across all aspects of life – symmetry which we cause/create absolutely unconsciously – is of equal interest to me.

Let me use this weeks discovery of the “Worst Flaw” in Intel history as an example…

This week, a post-doctoral fellow at Austria’s Graz Technical Univeristy, who is also an information security researcher and a part-time hacker discovered two architectural flaws in all – as in every single chip – produced by Intel since 1995.  These flaws have been named Meltdown and Spectre. Work has already begun on ‘patches’ for these flaws, but the reality is that the vulnerability will not be eradicated until all – again, ALL – devices with these flawed chips are replaced… something that will take well over a decade (between the development of a new line of chips, and a complete turnover of hardware by all – again, ALL – corporations globally).

The flaw is found not only on chips made by Intel, but also by Advanced Micro Devices and ARM Holdings, making all Apple devices just as flawed as devices running Microsoft OS.

Think about that for a second… the building block of personal computers, of corporate networks, of the entire internet is flawed, and it took over a decade to identify it?

So why did Intel, AMD and ARM develop chips with such flaws? Because “for the past decade, processors were designed to gain every performance advantage and in the process, chipmakers failed to ask the basic question whether their design was secure.” (Zerohedge, Tyler Durden Jan04, 2018 – link here).

Now, here’s the part that I find fascinating: the symmetry between the computer industry’s willingness to compromise on security in blind pursuit of performance and… the general willingness of society to compromise in blind ambition of their own performance. For example:

  • the financial industry willingness to provide NINJA loans in blind pursuit of corporate profits,
  • teachers willing to “adjust” student grades in blind pursuit of career advancement,
  • students willingness to demand teachers to “adjust” grades in blind pursuit of entry to higher education programs (for which they are clearly unprepared to pursue),
  • students piling on debt in blind pursuit of university degrees for which there is no demand,
  • new grads expecting consistent and consecutive promotions taking them swiftly to Director and C-level positions,
  • consumer piling on credit lines, credit card, and mortgage debt in pursuit of a cosmetically superior lifestyle,
  • corporations cutting ever conceivable corner in blind pursuit of corporate profits,

and in sport…

  • endless doping in sport in blind pursuit of the podium and the appearance of peak performance,
  • new levels of doping (i.e. mechanical) in sport in even blinder pursuit of the podium,
  • doping by age group/masters athletes in blind pursuit of appearing as peak performers,
  • athletes resorting to hi intensity interval training (HiiT) while seeking shorter and shorter short cuts all in the name of performance,
  • coaches wilingness to drive athletes to the point of doping, cheating, even suicide in blind pursuit of performance and the podium by promoting HiiT and all its derivatives as the go-to in training.

Think about it…

“To gain every performance advantage”… chipmakers turned a blind eye to side effects, to unintended consequences, to architectural flaws in the foundation of all computing devices.

That sounds like life today. Everyone willing to turn a blind eye to the side effects, to the unintended consequences, to the long term undesirable byproducts, to the flaws in pursuing more, more, more, MOAR!!!

More… house, more… car, more… devices, more and more… consumerism to the point that we have saturated ourselves in debt, chained ourselves to careers that we stick with while they suck every bit of life out of us just to have more money to have even more more… a fully renovated, upgraded house, the newest car on the lot, closets full of the designer brands, the most recently released smartphone… more, more, more. We have so much that we rent storage space in order to store our more. We will work a job to pay rent for inanimate objects, for stuff we don’t use, don’t want, but because we want more… we refuse to part with it, so we rent it an apartment and pay its rent.  We are sugar daddies and sugar mommies to stuff! Yet we will complain that we have no money, no time for ourselves, our kids.

No different then Intel, AMD or ARM… no different across society… no one has asked, no one is asking… all of this at what cost, with what being compromised? Our health? The physical health of our children? The mental and emotional health of our children?

In the coming years, I believe we will look back upon our pursuit of MOAR and realize the fatal flaws that we overlooked and that we now have to deal with… namely, the fatal flaw that we paid for the pursuit of MOAR with our health, and with the health of our children.

But unlike the chip industry there will be no short term ‘patch’ to solve our health issues. It will be a very unpleasant time for many… because it will be realized that the illnesses, the syndromes, the preventable obesity and lifestyle diseases were all self inflicted, and that there is no pill, no magic instant microwave cure available making it all go away.

We lived “no pain, no gain” at the gym… and we lived it everywhere else in life: at work, at home, and then we tried to explain and teach our kids that they too must suffer, bear down against the pain and develop tolerance. The hi-speed lifestyles fueled by processed factory foods, by meals that were predominantly eaten outside of the home, by larger and larger volumes of beverages… coffee, tea, water, sports drinks and flavoured waters, by workout routines of greater and greater and even greater intensity will be uncovered as a fatal flaw: a fatal flaw no different than the architectural fatal flaw in the microprocessors of all computers in existence today.

What then?

When you realize your state of well-being and health, and that of your children is the unintended consequence of blind pursuit of performance… then what?

Don’t wait. Stop the mindless blind pursuit of MOAR today, and start on the road to regaining your health, your life, which in the end will permit you to pursue your true purpose, your true reason for being put on this planet.

Our Health Care System

I worked in the public health care system for close to 20 years, and I can attest to the accuracy (i.e. relative accuracy, not necessarily absolute values) of the charts below…

Click on the images to enlarge

Wonder why our health care system becomes more and more expensive every year while less and less actual health care is delivered?

Its simple – although you will never hear it from any politician or nightly news network – its because all the “bigger and bigger budgets” that each political party promises goes almost exclusively into one area: the hiring of more and more health care administrators.

Many of you may not recall, but one “bigger budget” promise was that Ontario would be divided into smaller regions with specific budgets given to each regions to address the unique issues of that region. The outcome was the creation of the LHINs (local health integrated networks) and with that creation hundreds of administrators were hired first, blowing LHIN budgets almost entirely in the process. Plus, health care administrators need plush offices and top of the line equipment to do their jobs which led to whatever remained in those LHIN budgets to be blown.

How much actual additional health care was delivered as a result of the creation of LHINs? Undoubtedly, only pennies of each dollar provided by the Government of Ontario ended up as actual front line health care. Alongside the LHINs, the Community Care Access Centres (CCACs) can be added, along with other health care units which all operate in a comparable manner.

Millions of tax dollars blown… on administrators, supervisors, managers, and their office expenses and we wonder why our health care system is failing? Its not for a lack of funding, but because the funding rarely makes it to the front lines… to where health care is actually delivered. Instead it is siphoned off feeding a massive machine of administrators who do nothing but critique our system and make grandiose suggestions of where and what needs to be changed in order to improve the system. That’s right… individuals who have NEVER studied health or health care, who have NEVER delivered health care, are actually INCAPABLE of working on the front line, of experiencing the front line, of delivering actual health care, are hired in droves and handed the reigns of our health care system!

And how pray tell do these expensive administrators make decisions as to the future of our health care system? Based on lengthy – very very lengthy – reports, which they themselves type up day after day.

The insanity doesn’t stop there. Health care administrators are far too self important, and are paid far too much to actually collect raw data themselves, let alone compile it and press ‘insert chart’ on Excel spreadsheets to create graphs, and charts, to be used in their reports. So health care administrators blow what remains of health care budgets on hiring managers, case managers, and supervisors to do the ‘dirty work’ of actually amassing data. Health care administrators withhold their skills to reviewing the finalized charts, and then presenting them.

And we wonder why our health care system is failing us, and falling apart?

Its because the actual delivery of health care has become irrelevant. What matters is what the graphs, charts and reports say is being delivered. If the reports say that all is well, then all is well! And, because everyone is doing such a good job creating those reports we need to spend even more to hire even more administrators so even more graphs, charts and reports can be printed and published showing the public just how spectacular is their health care system (and how full of s#!t they are when they complain about it).

Our health care system is failing because it has become as obese, as medicated and as addicted as the average Canadian.

Our health care system – like an obese body – has become so bloated with health care administrators that its being overwhelmed to the point that its function is being compromised.

Our health care system – like sclerotic arteries – is so clogged with excessive numbers of supervisors and managers that the heart of our system – health care professionals – are at risk of burning out due to the unrelenting and intense pressure and stress placed on them.

Our health care system – like an opioid addict – is so obsessed with data, charts, graphs and reports, that its become unable to zoom out and take in a larger perspective of the effect that the addiction is having on its survive-ability.

What health care administrators should be reviewing are charts and reports like those at the top of this post that point to the true waste in the system (i.e. THEM!), the true risk to the system (i.e. THEM!). But that would be asking for a level of accountability that is impossible to ask of civil servants… as it would mean they would have to fire one of their own. Besides its so much easier to fire… nurses, therapists, counsellors, etc… so why look at the true state of affairs, and why not continue to create the appearance of cosmetic health of the system with another report with even more charts and graphs.

Our health care system will implode, for one reason: because administrators will continue to gorge on the budgets given to them, creating a system even more bloated, even more clogged, even sicker than it is already. And, they will do this until our own health care system has its very own heart attack or stroke. When that happens… no different than the crisis the financial system experienced in 2009, we will hear from these administrators, from our politicians and experts alike that no one could have foreseen and predicted the crisis of our health care system. Meanwhile, they will all clamor for attention claiming to have the answer to repair the damage done and to prevent another crisis from ever happening.

Point of this post…

Do not bet that the health care system will be there to save you when you are in need, because our health care system will itself likely be in the Emergency department desperately trying to be resuscitated by an entire team of health professionals (Note: not by administrators, they instead will reserve their talents to judging the health professionals on their efforts of trying to revive the ill patient).

Take your health care into your own hands. Start to eat properly, get enough sleep, exercise appropriately (i.e. not HiiT), and start to pair down your life, downsizing all the stresses and stressors that are not needed for you to live your purpose.

Your health is up to you, don’t wait to learn that lesson the hard way.

Short Term Delta

Was reading a blog by David Stockman and when I read the term he used: “short term delta”, immediately my mind flipped from the world of finance to the world of sport & fitness.

For those unfamiliar with David Stockman, he was the Director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Ronald Reagan. He resigned over the failure of the Congress to reduce spending in an effort of preventing large deficits and the US national debt from growing ever larger. Current commentary by David Stockman can be found on his website: Contra Corner.

In his most recent blog: “The 30 Year Bubble – Why America Ain’t That Rich“, Stockman writes:

The entire financial and economic narrative in today’s Bubble Finance world is virtually context- and history-free; it’s all about the short-term deltas and therefore exceedingly misleading and dangerous.

So when a big trend or condition is negative and unsustainable, you generally can’t even get a glimpse of it from the so-called “high-frequency” weekly, monthly and even quarterly data on which the financial press and its casino patrons thrive. And that’s not merely because most of the data from the government statistical mills is heavily massaged and modeled and often “adjusted” beyond recognition over 3-5 year intervals of statistical revision.

Beyond that, however, even medium term trends get largely ignored. That’s because the purpose of economic and financial data today is to facilitate daily (and hourly) trading in the casino—not inform long-term investors about underlying trends, conditions and prospects.

The investor class of yore, in fact, has largely been destroyed by the last 30-years of monetary central planning and the Wall Street deformations it has fostered—-meaning that, increasingly, headline reading algo-traders and trend-following speculators are the main consumers of the “incoming data”.

What has short term deltas, “high frequency” trading, heavily modeled and “adjusted” data got to do with sport, with health & fitness, with training for performance? Glad you asked…

The mindset in the world of finance and that in the world of sport & fitness have become indistinguishable. Chasing short term delta and modeled data in finance is the equivalent of HiiT based training and personal devices which ‘live-stream’ our own health data points.

The focus has become so short term in finance that the statistics followed to track the economy no longer arise from raw data, but from data that has been massaged and heavily adjusted to fit economic models (i.e. of what is supposed to be happening based on what Central Banks say/do, not what is actually happening in the real world). Indicators used to trade financial instruments are no longer 1st derivatives as these are too slow moving, and have been replaced with 2nd or 3rd derivatives, again built not upon real data, but modeled data.

The focus has become so short term in fitness and sport science that exercise physiologists are now suggesting that exercise just seconds in duration, repeated a handful of times (i.e. HiiT – Hi Intensity Interval Training) is all that is needed to regain health, wellness, fitness, and improve performance. Plus, provided you have a steady stream of your vitals and irrelevant information such as step counts from the latest personal health monitoring band, watch, or other sort of device… you can be certain that you are wearing as much as possible to “make” you look healthy (because looking healthy has become equivalent to being healthy).

Long term trends, overall conditions and prognosis for individuals, and prospects for the economy are largely ignored.

That during this period of HiiT obsession, the population has become more overweight, more obese, more diseased, addicted and medicated has been largely ignored.

That during this period of HiiT obsession, government budgets and individual health care related expenses continue to grow exponentially has been largely ignored.

That during this period of short term delta chasing, the a minuscule number have become wealthier while the middle class continues to erode has also been largely ignored.

Instead we are obsessed with “incoming data”… what is Trump’s latest tweet; what is the latest superfood?  What industry is the M&A department forecasting Amazon will inhale next; what diet is headlining todays talk shows… Paleo, ketogenic, raw, vegan? What is the latest from the talking heads on your favorite financial news network; what is the hottest class at your local health club?

Today all that matters is “incoming data”… the current value of our stock portfolio or the data from our GPS watches, fitness trackers, apps on our smartphones.

This will end, because it always ends, and in the same way it always ends…

An accident that no one, absolutely no one could ever foresee… like the tech bubble, like the housing bubble, and now like the credit bubble, everything was/is awesome, until it wasn’t/isn’t.

As it is in finance, so it is in health: everything is awesome, until it isn’t and we wake up in a hospital emergency department… post heart attack, post stroke, or at your doctors office to receive the lab results which will confirm what you already know… it is diabates, it is cancer, it is Alzheimers, MS, Parkinsons, or whatever disease you are prone to due to familial genetics.

At this point, we look back, disappointed in ourselves, kicking ourselves for having got ourselves into this mess, for becoming so wrapped up in the details, for refusing to stop, to take a moment to just think just once without polling everyone or asking someone what they think…

Short term delta can lead to financial profits, in the short term.

HiiT can lead to performance improvements, in the short term.

But life is never lived in the short term, we always last longer than that. Its the aftermath that we rarely pay attention to… that is until we have to, or are forced to, and all of us will face having to be held accountable for how we lived. Problem is that that point typically comes as a surprise to those stuck in short term delta, swamped with piles and piles of incoming data.

Most Intense & Most Diseased

As a follow up to the prior post [titled “Most Advanced & Most Depressed] I thought it would be appropriate to shed light on the tactics used by trainers, coaches, heck… the entire sport and fitness industry regarding “getting you healthy”.

The tactics used by the entire sport & fitness industry are NO different than the addictive “persuasive techniques developed by propagandists and the gambling industry” used by tech companies like Facebook and platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat, and Instragram to addict their users to get the average consumer to check their phone 150 times a day (at last count, and rising).

In the world of tech, the addiction is created by users seeking another and another hit of dopamine which comes with every ping, ding, like, follower, swipe and star.

In the world of sport & fitness, the addiction is created to endorphins where the trainer or coach teaches a trainee or athlete to suffer under the guise of “no pain, no gain” so that every workout becomes a quest for ever more self inflicted pain and suffering.

The epitome of achievement in the world of sport & fitness is when you obtain “beast mode”, a level of such self hate that you are willing to push your body til you cough or pee blood. Trainers & coaches revel in the limelight of being able to ‘hurt’ trainees and athletes, with those who can hurt you the most feared for the level of punishment they can push you to cause yourself.

It’s absurd.

It’s juvenile.

It’s bulls#it!

If we are wondering what on earth we are doing to children’s brains through the addiction to technology, and especially social media apps, then perhaps the sport & fitness industry can shed some light…

In a time when health and fitness clubs mark almost every street corner and strip mall, a time when trainers have become TV celebrities, interviewed as if experts on all things health, placed in positions of authority when it comes to health and wellness… then surely there must be some evidence of success. Is there? Is there any evidence of success of all this endorphin seeking high intensity interval training?


Even the godfather of HiiT himself – Trainer Bob Harper of Biggest Loser stardom – has had his own heart attack proving that what he has preached adds up to a big fat ZERO! Review the aftermath of Biggest Loser contests, the stories shared by contestants while on the TV series and you will read that the weight loss on the show was exactly that… a show, with most unable to keep up appearances once out of the spotlight.

HiiT is a bunch of smoke and mirrors, selling cosmetic health as a proxy for true health.

If all this ‘health & wellness advice’ was accurate in anyway then we – collectively – would not be the most diseased, most overweight, most obese, most medicated, most depressed, most anxious, the most addicted and sickest society ever!

If there is anything more indicative of the health of society then it must be the state of our children… but unfortunately they are as overweight, obese, and addicted as their parents.

A recent study predicts that 57% of children today will be obese when they hit 35!  Think about that… just for a moment. If 57% of the population is obese, and obesity comes after being overweight… will anyone be of healthy weight?

We are nowhere close to these stats, meanwhile my daughter has already been bullied at school for being too thin, aka too healthy! Now, that is sick.

For one child to look at another, and instead of hoping and wanting health, instead wants the healthy child to become sick like them… now that is a sick mindset. It leaves me wondering… where are the parents? Do they not see the suffering they are inflicting or perpetuating upon their own flesh & blood? Do they not care? Or, does their social media avator have them so desperate for attention and acceptance that the health and well-being of their child has become secondary?

And this is the the outcome of the most technological and medically advanced society! So whats gonna happen when we become even more technological and medically advanced?

Let’s cut the crap…

HiiT… is bulls#it.

“No pain, no gain”… is the bulls#it that started this whole mess.

“An endorphin high” as a measure of a ” good “ workout…. is bulls#it.

Health does not come by slapping 30mins of exercise as a bandaid to cover day after day of intense stress, of toxic relationships, of unfulfilling work, of improper eating, drinking, where insufficient rest, recovery and sleep, are made up with “sports nutrition” products along with prescribed or over the counter medications to keep both ends of the candle burning brightly for at least one more day (hopefully, fingers crossed, knock on wood… as if that makes any difference).

You want health, then it must be the priority, not a close second.

You want health, then all decisions need to be made through the filter of the impact they can have, will have, even may have on your health, on you and/or your family.

That is the price of health, and that IS the truth.

Anyone telling you otherwise is bulls#iting you.