“People are not lazy, they simply have impotent goals…that is…goals that do not inspire them.”
― Anthony Robbins


If you have young children, you know that the last thing they run out of is motivation.  Children are eager to explore their world, and this underlying curiosity pushes them to first learn how to lift their heads, roll around, crawl, eventually sit up, then stand up, walk, with walking turning into running.  At the playground simply hanging from a monkey bar is at first exciting, then being able to reach for another, then being able to move to another bar  and another, then crossing the entire set of monkey bars by reaching for every 2nd bar, then every 3rd.  The slide is intimidating at first but gliding down seated is ok, but then the desire to go faster leads to experimentation with positions… on the back, on the stomach, even backwards.  The wonder, the curiosity, the exploration has no limits.

What happens though?  The zest, la joie de vivre, sheer amazement of being alive seems to dwindle.  Why?  I refuse to accept that we all of a sudden hit an age where the exploring, the learning, the intrigue deadens, where we have “done it all”, and have the selfie to prove it.  In that case, what does happen?

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