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  • Albedo Reflective Spray – just like it sounds, reflective in a spray can
  • Bikeflights – international shipping for bicycles
  • Horst Engineering – spikes for cyclocross and MTB
  • Keywin Pedals – lightest pedals on the market, largest platform surface area
  • Maurten – sports nutrition products
  • Morf Technologies – aero to bull horn bars… you won’t believe it til you see it
  • Mountain Washer – portable shower for muddy athletes & bikes
  • RidewithFiks – reflective wheel strips
  • Road ID – ID tags for athletes
  • Stac Zero – magnet resistance bike trainer, no moving parts, no tire wear
  • Stompump – bike tire pump powered by stomping (i.e. your foot)
  • SwimBuddy – flotation device and marker for open water swimmers
  • Tap2Tag – medical alert device embedded with near field communication
  • TritonWear – device for swimmers collects: DPS, stroke rate, UDK#
  • WelcomeAthletes – accommodations for athletes
  • Veloink – custom decals you design for your bike
  • Velosense – your own windtunnel… seriously

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