Sport Pre-hab

Pre-hab, or pre-rehabilitation is training performed prior to initiating sport specific training. It is preventative health care focused on the acquisition and development of the cardiovascular base building and the fundamental functional movements required by sport (e.g. bouncing, hopping, skipping, single leg balance, back/hip/knee/ankle flexibility are running prehab).

Injuries often result from athletes engaging in training without having a sufficient base of cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, prerequisite movement ABCs (i.e. agility, balance, and coordination), and/or sport specific technique.

Assessing an athletes strengths and weaknesses prior to initiating training for any event, be it a marathon, triathlon, or swim competition will identify problem areas likely to morph from ache and stiffness into pain and injury derailing training plans and competition schedules.

Using the off-season or early training season to address impairments and imbalances before they manifest into full blown injuries will set an athlete up to achieve their training and competition goals.