Iron-Clown [2]

Since so many triathletes who complete iron distance triathlons end up with tattoos, figured that all the iron-clowns should also have an image to commemorate their finish line crawl…

Think that a m-dot sad clown face should do justice for all those who think the finish line actually holds some secret special power of making one whole, or that the words spoken by the commentator that “you are an Ironman” is something other than a mindlessly repeated corporate motto, conveying some special meaning in regards to who you are as a person.

Its not that you cross a finish line that matters.

Finish lines are arbitrary pieces of pavement, in and of themselves they are meaningless.

Its how you cross a finish line that matters, but when you realize that the how begins not at the start of the race, but with the how that you approach each and every day that you are alive… only then do you appreciate that there are no finish lines.

All that there is… is life… and how you succeed in life is what matters. Everything else is temporary but the how with which we live is what immortalizes us and is what we take with us beyond this life.