Olympic Lifting

The Intro to Olympic Lifting program deconstructs the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk lifts into fundamental postures, positions, and movements. Flexibility and mobility are the primary focus so athletes achieve proper starting and finish points, and transition smoothly between both. Speed and movement accuracy are also perfected before load is added. The focus at all times is technique, technique, and then more technique.

Why Olympic Lifting?

Because the power (i.e. wattage output) generated during Olympic Lifts can easily exceed 2000-3000 watts. There simply is no better training method for teaching or for learning optimal core initiated movement that results in power than Olympic Lifting. When sport specific technique is added upon this foundation, there are no limits to the performance potential of the athlete.

CLICK HERE to link to the Olympian Experience Triathlon Team webpage on dryland training to understand the progression of the Strength & Conditioning program as well as the criteria required of athletes to be accepted for Olympic Lift training.

If an athlete cannot perform the Overhead Press (OHP) position, it is recommended that athletes join the bi-weekly Fundamental Dryland program to begin training in Levels 1 to 4 which will prepare them to perform the OHP and for Advanced Dryland.