How to Handle a Bike.. Vittorio Brumotti style

Vittorio Brumotti is a champion of bike trial, a holder of 10 Guinness Book of World Records, plus a teacher of computer science.

Here are links to two other Youtube videos with Vittorio…

  1. Road Bike Freestyle 1
  2. Road Bike Freestyle 2


There seems to be a pattern…  Vittorio is definitely concentrating heavily while riding his bike, balancing on rails, jumping onto road furniture, but his smile, his joy, and passion are undeniable. What if…

What if joy, happiness, gratefulness,…

What if the ability to let go and not worry about how well we are doing…

What if simple enjoyment – the sort of fun kids have when playing – unleashes a fuel that can take us to levels of performance which otherwise only come to life when we imagine?

Show me a picture of Missy Franklin where she is not smiling.  Usain Bolt is the master of ceremonies whenever he enters a stadium, he enjoys himself before, during, and after he races. Actually, after he races its always a party!  Natasha Badmann – with the exception of when she had to puke during the marathon of the Hawaiian Ironman – is never without her trademark smile, and always has the time to give an ‘aloha’ when out racing (as she passes the entire field of pro women).  In fact, Natasha even managed to hold a smile in between winces from the pain of her shoulder injury after falling during the 2007 Ironman Championships.  On a dare from a teammate, Ryan Lochte wore his teeth grills to an awards ceremony, and then at the 2012 London Olympics he wore them to receive his gold medal in the 400IM.  It didn’t stop there, Jimmy Fallon found out that Prince Harry dared Lochte to a race at a Las Vegas Wynn pool where both were enjoying a good time.  Sounds like a good time was had by all at that party! Peter Sagan is a professional road racer for team Tinkoff Saxo, a team and a team owner serious about winning, but even while racing the pleasure of being on his bike is unmistakeable.

Perhaps the one person whose good times surpasses everyone elses is Ricky Hoyt during the 1989 Hawaii Ironman.  Being born with cerebral palsy doesn’t allow him to participate in sports like everyone else, but when he competes as a member of Team Hoyt under the power of his dad Dick Hoyt, Rick’s sheer bliss of being alive and competing is undeniable.  To complete an Ironman is one accomplishment, but for Dick Hoyt to complete it while pulling and pushing the 100lbs that is his son occurs in an entirely different dimension.  The power to complete a monumental task such as this can only arise from absolutely unconditional unbridled love.

What if we took it all down a notch in the intensity department?  What if like so many Champions and Olympians we could focus less on how fast we are going, what place we’re in and focus on how much fun it is to be alive, and having the chance to do what we get to do?

It doesn’t seem to distract from peak performance, in fact it seems to take peak performance to a new level.

What if participating, training, and competing was fun… I mean what if we made it seriously fun?

A challenge: next workout, next competition see how long you can keep smiling.  Can you smile throughout… even through the toughest parts?  It may just reveal how you are approaching training and racing.  If it isn’t joyful even when challenging, why not?  If not, see if you can find something to be grateful for… you may be pleasantly surprised how a smile comes across your face, along with it a burst of joy, and energy.


Finally, here are two guys who seem to know how to goof around and have a great time…

Peter Sagan and Vittorio Brumotti playing golf with and on their bikes