HiiT Kills 15yo Athlete

Excerpt from:

Teenage Cyclocross Champion Died in Sleep After Heart Attack


Let that sink in for a moment… a 15year old boy – a child – is DEAD because he was coached so intensely, pushed to such extremes that he suffered heart attacks in training which eventually led to a final heart attack that claimed his life… in his sleep!

To all those trainers, coaches and exercise physiologists who says HiiT is good exercise, is “healthy”,…


A child is dead, dead for crying out loud and we are still blowin the bullshit up everyone’s arse that HiiT (as in Hi Intensity Interval Training) is good, healthy, the right way to lose weight, get fit (whatever that is), the way to train for sport!  Its absolute frikkin insanity serving only one purpose: so the fitness, sport & health industries can sell you services and products. Screw you and your health… as long as they can make sales quotes and profit targets who cares how many people have to die… children included.