HiiT & Cancer Cell Growth

There is moronic research and then there is super moronic research. In this case we are talking about super moronic research…

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Why do I call this super moronic research, because the concept behind the hypothesis and conclusion suggests that we have no idea how to stop cancer cells from growing and that stopping the growth of cancer cells is the key to eliminating cancer.

Here is a clue to the researchers who clearly didn’t do any research themselves before starting off on a pointless line of experimentation…

We all have “cancer” 24/7.

Cancerous cells exist in everyone constantly, yet we aren’t all diagnosed with cancer. Why?

Because our immune systems detect these cancerous cells and destroy them. This is happening constantly in our bodies. The only difference is that those who are diagnosed with cancer have immune systems which are not identifying and destroying cells that turn cancerous, hence the cancerous cells grow into a tumor at which point they get diagnosed with cancer.

Guess what also stops cancer cells from growing? Chemotherapy and radiation therapy, but no one is lining up for prophylactic chemo or radiation therapy because the consequence of consuming toxins ain’t all rainbows, leprechauns and lil’ pots of gold [chemotherapy quite literally is to drink poison and hope the poison kills the cancer before it kills the patient, and radiation therapy ain’t all that different and the consequences of either of these treatments are horrendous to put it mildly).

Why this research is moronic is because the consequence of HiiT may not be as deadly as bad as chemo or radiation (in the short term) but the cardio-respiratory risks associated with HiiT fails to deliver any payoff in the long term.

Avoid cancer with HiiT, but line yourself up for cardio-respiratory illnesses? How is that better?

If that wasn’t enough, its not like cancer is a one and done thing… its not like you eradicate cancer as if it can be vaccinated against it. Cancer as I said is a constant in your body because it is a byproduct of cell reproduction in its end stages. Cells eventually can no longer replicate completely, and when their replication process breaks down thats when the risk of them turning cancerous is at the highest. We are constantly replacing cells… so one session of HiiT will not prevent anything, especially cancer!

Honestly, this research was quite the waste!

So what are these researchers going to conclude now… that you have to do HiiT everyday to prevent cancer? Right… so once was not enough and the risks of doing HiiT are not enough so let’s gamble with our health and hope to prevent cancer but open ourselves up to other diseases and diagnoses.

Its this kind of moronic research that has the majority of people chasing their tails in search of health… from one type of exercise to another, from one super food to the next, trend after trend, fad after fad and after decades of this crappy science what do we have?

Obesity is rampant, morbid obesity is exploding, lifestyle diseases overwhelming our health care systems, with medically assisted suicide legislated as ‘ok’ stating that in the end… we really have no idea how to be healthy or restore our health so killing one another is the only solution we can come up with.

Fabulous! And this coming from the most technologically and medically advanced society ever to exist? Isn’t that fabulous.

There is a way to live, to exercise, to be healthy, the problem is that all of the solutions to achieve these goals are free: proper breathing, proper eating, proper understanding and management of stress, proper exercise at the proper intensity and duration which is specific to the level of the individual… its all free!

No gym is need, no sports nutrition drinks, bars, protein shakes are required, no equipment, nothing is needed to achieve health and that is exactly why you don’t hear anything about these true path to health… because no one makes a penny.

All the moronic concepts of what it means to be healthy… well, there is no end to that, because everyone is trying to make money off the health, fitness and sports industry selling to our fears that if we dont do this, dont do that, dont eat this or drink that… then we are all doomed.

Careful who you take your health advice from… it could be the last advice you take, ever.