Hi Protein… Bulls#!t

Every chance the food conglomerates get to generate some new “super food fad” or new diet that will take you to immortality, they jump on it. How many diets have we gone through in recent months? Paleo, Keto, Atkins, etc… One thing they all have in common: they are all high in protein. Isn’t that a little interesting when you actually think about it? Protein is the most expensive form of calorie… fruits, veg, grains and nuts are much much cheaper, so why would food conglomerates be jumping onto promoting protein?


Can it have anything to do with their need to continue reporting higher and higher revenues and higher and higher profits to keep C-class executive bonuses flowing and to keep shareholders satisfied with a growing stock valuation?

Wait… are you suggesting the switch to hi protein diets has nothing to do with actual health and has everything to do with the economics of food companies?

Thats preposterous… no food conglomerate would ever ‘manufacture’ evidence in order to boost sales, profits, stock valuations, hence salary and bonuses… or would they? Gee… its not like it hasn’t ever happened before with the demonizing of fats where everyone had to turn to margarine and low fat and no fat foods (which just so happened to create an entirely new category of products that food companies were able to make billions and billions).

Still think protein is all that healthy? Let alone necessary?

Considering that athletes coming out of the Eastern African nations – typically long distance runners coming out of Somalia, Ethiopia, & Kenya – all live on diets that are 95-99% carb mainly because they cannot afford protein are the same athletes who tend to dominate at the Olympics. What happened to all that business about protein? Huh?

Exactly… its business, its not health information, its all about revenue, profit, and bonuses.

Like getting sold…

Well keep buying all that hi protein business because you are being sold a boatload.