Fuel Fuel Fuel… and end up Dead

Wow, it wasn’t long ago… I can still remember all the articles from coaches, nutritionists, all the so called experts on all things sports and the mantra they were selling : fuel, fuel, fuel, oh yeah and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Remember?

Was there anything wrong with suggesting to athletes to constantly be fueling, especially with some sugary sports nutrition beverage… absolutely not! In fact, the mantra was that if you weren’t then you were as dumb as doornails.

Today, when I head to the local LA Fitness to put in a swim, I still see remnants of the prior set of beliefs of what health revolved around… people walking around carrying monstrous water bottles, with some of them honestly the size of small buckets.

And now research comes out with…

Click here to link to the article at Bicycling.com

Its one thing for athletes to be drinking sugary sports nutrition drinks, its an entirely different story for sedentary high school and elementary school children to be downing bottle after bottle of sugary drinks… sport or not sport.

Think about it…

In schools everywhere, vending machines are stocked with sugary sports nutrition drinks and promoted as the “healthy” alternative to pop. And school age children are believing that adults who come up with these marketing campaigns and schools which permit mega-corporations to come in and sell to the children at the school… are keeping in mind that these ARE children.

Why do that?

We are obsessed with making money, kids have money, so sell them shit that could end up killing them (and hopefully kills them later rather than sooner, so that there is little connection to the sugary sports drinks they’ve been inhaling so that there cannot be a lawsuit against the mega-corporations selling to them).

Soda, sugary drinks are the tobacco of our age. Hopefully schools wake up, hopefully parents wake up, and hopefully children are educated that mega-corporations are not here to help you but are here to profit off you and hopefully addict you to their products so that you cannot live without them.

If that doesn’t wake you up… then consider that kids have moved on in many cases from sugary sports drinks and have move onto sugary energy drinks. Once addicted, addicts need more. Once upon a time sugar was enough: soda was in effect the gateway drug that has now opened the door to children consuming energy drinks as if its water.

If sugary sports drink can kill, then what exactly do sugary energy drinks do? I would imagine they can kill you even faster.

Why don’t I listen to nutritionists and all the coaches advising on sports nutrition… because they are not experts, they are mouth pieces for the mega-corporations to sell you product that does not help, but harm you, harm you to the point that they are capable of killing you.

Careful from whom you received your advice… most today are too ignorant to know themselves that the advice they are giving can kill (nice isn’t it to be so naive that you believe the world is full of people who just want to help… and that there isn’t a single sole that has any intentions of harming anyone. Really? So I guess soda, sugary sports nutrition and sugary energy drinks just manufacture, bottle, ship, advertise and market themselves? And we are all victims! Yeah right).