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If peak power is the determinant of potential, then how do you explain a 13 year old, a 14 year old,  a 15 year old and 16 year old Canadian swimmer Penny Oleksiak all winning Olympic gold?

How do you explain 17 year old Janet Evans standing 5’5″ and weighing in at a mere 99lbs (soaking wet) defeating women who towered over her, winning Olympic gold and setting a World Record in the 400m FR at the ’88 Seoul Games?

It’s not brute force, it’s not sheer power or even willpower, it’s knowing how to move with ease that allows an athlete to deliver peak performance unhindered by opposing forces.

Ease in movement arises from flexibility. Without flexibility athletes have only one option to try and progress in sport: push their body harder and harder, riding the red line in every workout while attempting at all costs not to burn up, blow up, injure or re-injure themselves. Training becomes an all or nothing effort in each session, where the only hope to improving is to risk it all, every time.  This is not training, its gambling. Gambling with your health.

True training starts with an athlete’s body which has the range of motion, the flexibility, the self and spatial awareness to move with ease, to understand where movements originates, and how to control and coordinate movement across the entire body.  Flexibility allows the athlete to learn and refine sport specific technique.

Power without technique is simply brute force.  Its ugly and results in massive amounts of wasted energy due to massive drag and resistance forces being created, rendering an athlete’s attempts to improve impotent.

Technique without flexibility will be limited from the outset.  Sport specific technique without flexibility is draining, fatiguing, and exhausting, lacks grace, lacks beauty, and is incapable of achieving the level of execution needed to obtain outcomes.

Technique with flexibility is light, it flows, is fluid, is effortless in its execution, and is mesmerizing to observe.  Are we not captured at every Olympics by how the athletes move?

Power with technique and flexibility is unstoppable.  It leverages every ounce of the athlete’s potential to take them to new levels of performance, training session after training session, competition after competition.

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