Energy – Not Money – is Wealth

My son yesterday ended up buying a 29er MTB rim off a guy through Kijiji. He ended up with a rim that won’t work because the rim uses a 12mm thru axle but his hard tail GIANT MTB frame can only take a 9mm skewer. I think it was $50 well spent… because the lesson should hopefully prevent my son from making the exact same mistake (as in not buying something he isn’t 100% sure about, and as in not taking the time to ensure that he is 100% sure) with items that are much more expensive.

My son though was as could be expected not so pleased with his mistake, and in the moment expressed that he blew $50. Indeed $50 is a fair amount of money for a teenager who just started working this summer, but I maintained that the rim should stay in his room and remain there as a lesson to prevent future losses (hopefully).

My son replied… but its $50, “its money wasted” he exclaimed, and “money is what makes this world work, money is most important”.

I do not agree, but I also remember being a teenager and recall having the outlook too that if I only had so much money, then everything would be right in the universe because I could afford x, y, and z. In the moment I didn’t have a line that could deliver a powerful knockout punch that could end the argument; so I said nothing…

But today is another day, and today while on a ride the series of knockout punches required to deliver the powerful end to the argument (i.e. if money is most important) came to me…

Money is not that important, what is important is energy because it is energy which creates, it is energy which innovates, it is energy which produces taking ideas and turning them into businesses… and it is those businesses which end up generating revenues, profits… i.e. money.

So why are we making money into such a priority? Why does my son feel that money, money, money is most important? I believe it is because boomers – who as a result of their cohort size are still setting many of the trends in society – are desperately trying to get their hands on, and hold on to as much money as possible. Why? Because they have been sold the belief that as you age you are less energetic, hence you are able to generate fewer ideas, or able to translate fewer ideas into money making enterprises. So, the goal of retiring boomers is to accumulate money, money and more money to last them through their un-energetic years, their unproductive, their energy sucking years.

Money itself is no more than a store of value, money itself does not generate, create, or translate anything into anything else of value… so money can actually be seen like a battery.

Batteries do not generate energy, they store energy. Batteries once depleted can be recharged but an energy source has to be used to recharge the battery as they don’t just recharge spontaneously.

Batteries are important to have in emergencies, but even more powerful, even more valuable, even more critical is the ability to generate energy, loads and loads of energy because if you can, then you have no need for batteries (or at least minimal need) because you know you have the potential and the ability to generate as much energy as needed.

Its no different with money. If you are poor at generating ideas, at translating ideas into reality, poor at executing on plans to turns dreams into goals into viable successful and sustainable businesses then absolutely you will think that the world rotates around money, and if only you had some, or more then all would be well in the universe (or at least in your own life).

But… if you know how to generate sustainable energy, you know how to communicate and share that energy with others, you know how to harness your energy into production, then you have no need to be worried whether you will have enough energy through out life, whether or not you will have enough money through out life… if you are energetic and train to become efficient and effective in using your energy, then there are no limits to what is possible, to what you can achieve.

Hence, the importance of sport, the arts, and music. These all generate energy.

Wonder why Taylor Swift can command $800 a ticket for a seat at her concert… because the energy generated at the concert is worth $800 to those who appreciate her energy and who want to share in the energy of her concert.

Wonder why 9x Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt, why top footballers such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney, along with top NBA, NHL and NFL athletes can command millions in contracts and then even more millions in endorsement deals and sponsorships… because the energy they generate and express appeals to millions of viewers, viewers who want just a piece of that energy and are willing to spend spend spend in order to just be associated with the energy of such pro athletes.

Its not money that is most important in this world, in this life.  Its energy.

Question is… do you know how to generate sustainable energy? Do you know how to harness that energy to be the most productive version of you, to be the most expressive, creative, innovative version of you? Do you know how to translate energy into executable plans that turn energy into material (e.g. money)?

Einstein told us that energy and matter are interchangeable. Well, money is matter, hence energy and money are interchangeable according to Einstein’s equation where E = mc2.

Question is… what are you spending your time doing? Whining, complaining about how others can work the laws of physics into the laws of business and build business after business making as much money as they want; or are you starting to learn, study, train and experiment with how to become more energetic? Once energetic are you working to channel that energy into power that can be harnessed to take your ideas your innovations into mass production?

For those who understand energy, $50 is nothing, in fact $500, $5,000, even $50,000 is nothing because when you understand energy you know that its not the battery that is powerful, its not money that is powerful, its the ability to generate and harness energy that makes the world go round. When you understand that… then you will understand that the world is limitless including your opportunities.

There is another reason that boomers are desperate for energy… they sold their health in exchange for money thinking that money, not their health is true wealth. Now, with declining health, the desperation of the boomer generation can be felt across all generations as their hoarding is impacting not just their personal economy but the economy of cities and countries.

Boomers scared of being alive without money, running out of money before life runs out have become obsessed with money. Its a shit way to live… scared out of your mind about money, so you spend none of your life living, just time worrying about money. Hmm… the WHO (World Health Organization) stated that by 2020, anxiety and depression will be the top diagnoses globally… hmm, a connection? A world obsessed with money and a world drowning itself in drugs, alcohol, medications and disease and trying to drown itself in money.

Hopefully after reading this my son may appreciate that money is merely a tool – a temporary way of storing some energy – and not the pivot point of life. Money becomes the pivot point for all those who never took the time to learn about energy, how to create it, how to transform it, how to share it, so that it does become money. For those who understand energy, money is a piece of paper with funny pictures, silly signatures, and is given far too much focus.

A final point…

The technology sector, its not energy, its not energetic, like money, technology is a tool, it leverages existing energy. Technology consumes energy, it doesn’t create energy. Think about it… how much life does your device have and how much of your life rotates around ensuring that your device has enough energy?

Hence why I despise the concept that children need devices. Children need to learn how to harness the energy they are generating, they do not need devices designed to absorb their energy, effectively numbing children into zombies before they turn 8 years of age. We were all sold the Baby Einstein bull that it will improve your children in years to come; now we know that Baby Einstein was well packaged bull and Disney swallowed a major loss in acquiring the company.

Children need to be encouraged to generate all the energy they can, and not be enslaved to staring at screens in preparation for the terminal disease called employment. Children need sport, need the arts, they need music (not listening to it, but learning how to make it). Let the boomers and their obsession with money, finance, stocks & bonds die with them; lets focus on the next generation… a generation that can be freed from the restrictive mindset that money is primary, and all else secondary.