Diet Is No Solution

Have we ever become obsessed with food, diet, nutrition, “fueling”, whatever you want to call it.

An industry of what to eat, in what quantities, when, and how has grown out of what used to be a profession which focused almost exclusively on hospital patients who were believed to require specific diet plans in order to recover and heal. Registered Dietitians worked almost exclusively in hospitals until nutrition, diet, and dieting became mainstream words as a result of the food industry seeking to demonize fat because it saw the opportunity to grow revenues and profits by deceiving the masses into believing that low fat and no fat diets were the solution to losing weight and then to health. With this push of industry to create new products… dietitians and legions of unregistered “food specialists” (i.e. nutritionists) were called upon to sell the propaganda that what you eat, when you eat, how much you eat, etc… it is not only critical to health, but called to sell that its the pivot point of health.

Really?  Is it really?

Think about it…

How many animals eat one thing, and one thing only their entire life and are NOT suffering from malnutrition, from obesity, from disease. Consider that…

  • Koala bears eat a diet of almost nothing but eucalyptus leaves,
  • Blue whales eat plankton, tons and tons of plankton,
  • Pandas eat bamboo,
  • Spiders eat a steady diet of flying insects.

In nature it is not uncommon for animals, birds, insects and mammals to eat a tiny variety of items and still somehow manage to live their lives and have healthy offspring which grow up on the exact same limited diet.  Meanwhile, humans are told that they have to eat a wide variety of items to live healthy.

Really? Or maybe, we have once again been ‘sold’ by industry that our diet needs to have kale, quinoa, pomegranate, blueberries and olive oil or else we are going to… develop horrible diseases. Quick get a smoothee with wheat grass, tumeric, green apples and a drop of oregano oil or else!

Don’t get me started on the beauty industry which has women convinced that rubbing all sorts of lotions and potions will rejuvenate their skin making them healthy and looking young again. Meanwhile, the ingredients for their anti-aging face cream which they lathered their face this morning before they headed out to protest in front of the slaughterhouse is made from the fat and bones of the animals they claim they don’t want killed in that same slaughterhouse.

Hypocritical? Just a tad.

I digress.

And who has been recruited to sell what the food industry wants… dietitians and nutritionists! Desperate to be important in this world, desperate to carve out ‘theirs too’ in this world, desperate to have their diet book published, desperate to be on a talk show to preach that they and they alone know the secret combination of foods that yield to health and wellness… they too have sold their souls to industry.

Reality is…

You cannot pour diesel into a gas engine and hope that it will turn into a diesel engine!

But this is exactly what dietitians, nutritionists, personal trainers, coaches and everyone else will tell you.  You can “fix” all of your issues if you only eat almonds instead of blueberries, or its because your diet is a lacking a salad with pine and walnuts, arugula, and a raspberry drizzle.

We buy the bullshit that diet can fix us because we love short cuts… we love the idea that we can be and/or become healthy by buying it… by buying this fruit instead of that fruit, by going vegan, by going paleo or adding ketones to our diet, then… oh yes, then we will be healthy.

We have been convinced that there is a code of eating that if we only unlock… maybe its 12 almonds not 11… then all of our health and wellness goals will be achieved. What bull!

It was this sort of bull that got me to write this post, especially when I heard it from an interviewer for whom I have significant respect and appreciation for his desire to inform and educate how to achieve peak performance. If you haven’t watched one of Tom Bilyeu’s interviews then I would highly recommend you watching one (click here to link to his Youtube channel). But it was also Tom who triggered this post when he stated in a recent interview with Cynthia Pasquella-Garcia (a celebrity transformational nutritionist) that diet is highly highly personalized and most be highly highly customized to the individual. Say what Tom!  You’ve been sold on this bullshit too! Geez…

You cannot pour diesel into a gas engine and hope that it will turn into a diesel engine!

What does it mean that you cannot turn a gas engine into a diesel engine by pouring diesel instead of gasoline into it?  It means that you cannot change your physiology into being healthy through eating.

Why are we so convinced that it can? Because you most definitely can change your physiology to cause disease by eating garbage, so we believe that the opposite must also hold: that if eating poorly can cause disease, then reverse the equation by eating healthy and disease will be eradicated and health restored. It doesn’t work that way. If it did… then 20-30 years of all this nutrition advice and diets should have yielded results, at least some results. Has any of it? Not at all. As I have repeated endlessly here… we are the most diseased, most medicated, most drugged, most overweight and obese cohort to exist. Where exactly are all the wonderful results? If everything that we are told is remotely true, even half true then we should have results… some reversal in obesity rates, instead epidemics like raging wild fires are only spreading in size and scope.

To become healthy you have to change your physiology, and food does not provide sufficient stimulus to cause significant change in your physiology… period.

There is a right way to obtain and achieve health, and a wrong way. Problem is that the wrong way is what makes industry tick, its what leads to sales and profits and thus there are the advertising and marketing budgets to sell everything what doesn’t work. The right way to health doesn’t require much, so building multi-national conglomerates on true health is impossible. No conglomerate means no advertising and marketing budget educating how to live to achieve health the right way, the real way, the true way. No conglomerate means no lobbyist money to buy politicians into proposing legislation that would encourage living to achieve health the right way, the real way, the true way.

Let me end of this note…

If dietitians and nutritionists were not the minions of the food industry then why is the path to health and wellness only possible by eating/through food, and not through no eating (as in fasting), huh?

If dietitians and nutritionists really were at the forefront of health and wellness they should be as invested in not eating as they are in eating… but they are not; hence my position which is that instead of being professionals who critically analyze the so called “research” which today is little more than corporately funded marketing campaigns performed by scientists willing to compromise on their personal and professional credibility by completing pseudo science in order to maintain the flow of grant money for their labs, they fall for the propaganda that the food industry wants the masses to fall for… so they too can make a buck off you and your health.

Why should dietitians and nutritionists be promoting not-eating as much as they promote eating? Because not-eating, as in fasting, makes more impact on physiology than all the super foods combined. Plus research from Dr Jason Fung has demonstrated that fasting (as in time restricted eating, not even calorie just time restricted eating) can reverse and eliminate Type 2 Diabetes.

Consider this…

You won’t even hear from the American Diabetes Association that fasting can reverse Type 2 Diabetes because of the ADA is so closely tied and thus dependent on the food industry for sponsorship. Wonder why we are so sick? Its because this is how far we have compromised on our values… we will fail to deliver our mandate (as in the ADA listing Type 2 Diabetes as an irreversible disease) when the truth is the opposite.

A society which compromises on its values this much doesn’t have nutrition issues… its issues are far far greater.

And in less than a week of posting this blog… this article is posted at

Just 5, hah! How bout all superfoods are just hype! How bout the concept of superfoods being hype… again, some dietitian or nutritionist out to make a name for themselves, or some food conglomerate wanting their new product to be hyped as containing ‘superfoods’ so the term is coined to convince you that buying the fad is a short cut to health. Bull. Bull. Bull.

There are no short cuts to health. Either your ENTIRE lifestyle is healthy… yes the food you eat, but also, how you eat that food, when, in what quantities, and how often you stop shoving food into that piehole of yours and fast for a period of time. It doesn’t stop there… how you exercise, what exercise you do, how often and it goes beyond the simple health & wellness aisles to … your job… is it killing you because you are working for a paycheque and not living out your purpose. What about your relationships… are you surrounded by toxic people? Thats no different than living beside a toxic waste dump that leaks into your drinking water supply and hoping that if you eat kale it will keep you healthy despite the fact that you glow at night from drinking toxic waste water. Insanity at its peak.

Want to be healthy? It starts with a purge of everything unhealthy in your life… EVERYTHING!