Cutting Carbs… Not So Healthy

There was a time, not so long ago – but now it seems almost forever ago – that first we would do research: we would first test our hypothesis and second we would promote the results, promote the conclusions that the data yielded either proving or disproving our hypothesis.

Now… its the opposite… say whats on your mind, promote it as “truth”, “fact” and hope that no one digs deeper to find out if there is merit to your claims, and definitely hope that no one goes to testing your claims to truly validate them.

That we do this on virtually all topics, especially our health, would have been unimagineable a decade or two ago; now its commonplace. Along those lines, we learn today that…

One would think that before every personal trainer, coach, nutritionist and ‘wellness expert’, etc.. ran around telling everyone to cut out carbs, that they surely would have taken the time to understand whether this was indeed valid and reliable information.

One would hope that before claims were made as to what is and is not healthy, these so called experts in all things fitness, wellness, training, et al. would take the time to determine if this was correct information that should be passed along and if so, then to whom, under what conditions or circumstances, or what criteria made this information correct.

But hey… thats work and work is what stupid people do, so why would anyone go through all that much trouble to just say what they feel is the truth (and to hell with consequences)?

Clearly no one did because cutting carbs has severe and significant consequences; and if you consider that cutting carbs is supposed to be done to improve one’s health, its rather ridiculous that no one realized that cutting carbs can have dangerous side effects on your heart (a key organ to one’s health in case that isn’t self evident… not sure how many ‘experts’ are aware that the heart is vital to one’s health based on how they all promote HiiT).

This is yet more proof that for the most part all the so called fitness and wellness ‘experts’ are little more than parrots that repeat the last thing they heard. Seriously, stop and listen to anyone of these ‘experts’ and like a parrot you’ll hear… carbs bad, protein good, gluten bad, protein good, dairy bad, protein good, fat was bad… ugh… now fat kinda good… ugh… oh, yeah almost forgot… carbs bad, protein good.

You listen to one of these ‘experts’ and whatever damage is done to your health is not their fault because… whose to blame when advice is taken from a parrot?

Polly want a cracker?


Why not Polly?

Because… carbs back protein good!