Creators, Coaches, Skimmers & Scammers

The prior post titled “Energy – Not Money – is Wealth” provides us with a context to self examine what part we play on this earth. Are we a creator of energy: an artist, a musician, an athlete, a writer, an inventor, an entrepreneur, a farmer? Are we a coach, one who was successful in creating and now wishes to mentor those aspiring to be creators with the goal of assisting them to achieving their creative purposes? We should be one or the other, a creator or a coach; unfortunately, the world instead teaches and trains us not to be either, instead it teaches and trains us to become skimmers and scammers: those who instead of creating seek to monetize the work, the effort, the value generated by creators and their coaches.

A large segment of skimmers and scammers in our economy can be found in one place: the financial services sector. This is a sector that once made up a paltry 5% or less of our stock market, but today makes up as much as 30%, if not more. Why? Because our world teaches to be skimmers and scammers and the simplest way to become one or the other is to become one who specializes in the exchange of money. Make a tiny fraction, an almost infinitesimal fraction but make it on a steady flow of transactions, especially transactions which are large in size and you can make a mint simply by skimming “your share”. Hence the growth of financial services.

I’m sure that all those who work in finance will argue that they ‘make’ the world go round, they ‘make’ it possible for creators and coaches to monetize their effort but that’s a stretch. ‘Make’? The financial sector does not make anything of value; at most it can hope to retain the value of the money that creators and coaches generate but make… hah! All that the financial sectors seems to make are financial instruments of greater and greater complexity which do nothing except exponentially magnify structural weaknesses in the banking, investment and trading sectors leading to cyclical crises: case in point the financial crisis of 2007-2008 which cost us what as taxpayers? Billions and billions! Meanwhile the financial industry continues to service charge – skim and scam – all of us one penny at a time. It goes without mention that the Quantitive Easing which Central Bankers around the world have been gorging on to sustain the illusion of all being well in the world of finance has done nothing to preserve the value of money… which is the absolute minimum that the entire financial sector should be focused on achieving. Devaluing currency by printing, sorry adding zero after zero, does nothing but devalue money as a store… just look to Venezuela if you wonder how awesome it is when a country’s currency has to be devalued.

What’s this got to do with our physical, mental and emotional health? Everything!

In 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that anxiety and depression will become the top medical diagnoses globally. Take that stat along with stats from the US of how many people are dissatisfied with their jobs, would leave their jobs, add in the opioid crisis in the US which only further underlines the crisis in health and well-being and you can connect the dots…

We live in a world which celebrates skimming and scamming.

We live in a world which celebrates money, money, and more money… having it, spending it, showing it off, etc…

We live in a world which has a breakdown, a complete and absolute breakdown in ethical standards, a world with no moral compass, a world where the word ‘professional’ no longer carries the distinction it once had identifying those select few who independently vowed to uphold standards of excellence in practice. Now, malpractice, fraud… i.e. skimming and scamming has become a way of life for us in the West. We are eliminating standards at an unprecedented rate, while implementing restrictions as quickly on free speech, hence free thought (the war on ‘fake’ news vs fake new which is actually real news which must be restricted to keep¬† social narratives intact e.g. everything is great, everything is fine, no need to panic, move along citizens).

And thenwe wonder why oh why… are our lives so empty, so impoverished (despite all this apparent abundance in material/consumer ‘wealth’), so unfulfilling, so unsatisfying, so boring, so blah that only a steady stream of alcohol and drugs can lift us out of our doldrums (albeit temporarily, but long enough that our dealer can get as another supply).

The financial sector is a proxy for our state of well-being… the more financialized our economy the worse off we are (click here for an article in Forbes to this point). Why? Because deep fulfillment, high level of satisfaction with life, the ability to jump out of bed in the morning full of energy comes from living a life spent either creating or mentoring someone directly in their desire to create (i.e. coaching), not a life obsessed with skimming and scamming.

Joy comes from progress, and progress comes from creating or being part of a creative process.

Instead of creating, we have been sold that a life of skimming and scamming with the profits used to consume will lead to fulfillment, to satisfaction, to jumping out of bed everyday with energy, with vitality, with robustness and resilience.

Hmm… how does that seem to be playing out?

Aha… not so much.

So keep on keepin’ on…

Keep skimming, keep scamming and see where that leaves you in life.

Oh right, you have a fix… you’re signed up to do an Ironman triathlon, a grandfondo, or perhaps a major international marathon to which you will have to travel the globe in order to be part of… that is your ‘fix’ for your state of dis-ease, for you lack of health, for your frailty, your weakness, your dependence on drugs and alcohol to make it through another day.

Good luck with that.

I picked on the finance sector just because its easy pickins’ but you can find skimmers and scammers in every industry. There are those who call themselves coaches, trainers, even life coaches who do not even have a basic education in human biology, let alone physiology, anatomy, pathology, psychology, etc… yet they are ready to mentor you to better health, better wellness, better everything. That’s called a scammer… unwilling to put in the real effort to becoming truly knowledgeable, truly wise, truly a source of valuable information… out to make a quick buck hoping that they’re ignorance doesn’t clear before your cheque does.

Pick any sector in the economy and you will find skimmers and scammers. Perhaps you have been living a life as one… I suggest you consider the deep thought that perhaps the true source of your unhappiness in life has nothing to do with the number of followers or likes or whatever on your favorite social media app, or with the fact that you failed to follow the upgrade cycle in handheld devices, and more to do with the fact that the last time you created anything of meaning, of significant, of value to another human being in this world was… well… when was it?