Core Coach

To be powerful, truly powerful you must learn to initiate all movement from the core.

Dmitry_Klokov_200kg_SnatchDoesn’t matter the sport.  Every sport executed at the highest level of performance stems from rotational movements which originates from all core muscles simultaneously and timed perfectly with breathing.

  • Swimming begins with a powerful core driven stroke.
  • Cycling begins with a powerful core driven stroke.
  • Running begins with a powerful core driven stride.

Name the sport, it begins with powerful movement from the core… a volleyball jump and spike, a long jumpers arch and reach, a sprinters explosive start out of the blocks, a golfers drive off the tee, a tennis players swing. Its all core initiated and driven.  No core, no power.

Bracing, locking, bearing down do not lead to peak power; these are tricks athletes use to bypass developing their core, hoping that the temporary ability to generate power using their extremities is “good enough” to achieve their goals. It never is, and always results in an injury of some sort.

“The enemy of excellent, is good enough.”

The foundation of core training is a blend of flexibility, breathing, and Olympic Lifting Technique (i.e. the technique part first and foremost, then the weight).  Why Olympic Lifting? Because the power (i.e. wattage output) generated during Olympic Lifts can easily exceed 1500-3000watts. Simply, there is no better training method for teaching or for learning optimal power development than Olympic Lifting. When sport specific technique is added upon this foundation, there are no limits to the performance potential of the athlete.

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