Comparison of Swim Start Techniques – UWO Research Study

A study performed at the University of Western Ontario comparing the grab start to the track start concluded that as hypothesized the track start results in a faster time in the first 2 meters off the starting blocks.

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Based on the results, a track start can result in a difference greater than a tenth of a second. Considering that swim competitions are often decided by hundredths of a second, an effective start may not only yield a personal best time, but also the winning time.

US Olympian Dara Torres states that there are 3 parts to a sprint: the start, the final meters, and the touch.  If the start is one area where a sprint is either won or lost, then starting technique, reaction time and strength training is crucial for short and middle distance athletes.

Download the Research Paper:

A Comparison of Two Swimming Start Techniques from the Omega OSB11 Starting Block

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Swim track start:

Track & field track start (Asafa Powell):