Coming Up Empty

Part 5 in a series on why articles on ‘nutrition’ and nutritional advice from ‘experts’ on diet is a waste of time, energy and effort [for the non-medically institutionalized population].

Remember a few years back, there were articles about how amazing the French diet was… it was rich in butter, in cream, and of course wine. That the French drank wine with almost every meal was heralded as the reason why we should start to drink and not just once in a while, but daily, with every meal… you know… its good for your health!

And now…Wait, what happened to a glass of red wine every evening being good for my health? What happened to all the benefits of the Mediterranean diet which has wine with every meal?

As I stated in part 3 of this series: nutritional advice is based on little more than guessing, wishful thinking, and hoping with consistent valid and reliable science lacking.

You don’t have to go back to far to remember article after article, in fact they are still publishing article after article especially on CrossFit sites how important a low carb diet is to your health. Eat protein is the battle cry!

And now…

Wait, what happened to ‘just eliminate all the bread, grains, pasta and root vegetables from your diet’ and all will be well?

Uh huh. Again, this is what happens when you have an entire group of people pushing wishful thinking, short cuts, short term solutions, and worst of all guessing “answers” to health problems that are much much deeper than whether or not you have a potato in your diet.

But vitamins…

Now that must be a scientifically proven solution to either resolving or regaining our health? Right?  I mean we’ve been taking supplements for years… there cannot be anything wrong with all those harmless pills…. right?

Of course not… you will not hear anything but how amazing supplements are from an industry that is raking in $37 billion – that’s with a B, not an M – annually. Who is going to stir that pot and suggest anyone to stop taking their vitamins? Clearly no nutritional expert would be caught dead advising to stop taking supplements because being the spokespeople of the industry… there is just too much money to be made by selling that there are short cuts to health.

Oh… your health? You mean you were hoping that the nutritional experts actually care about your health, that your health is their priority… oh you poor thing… really, you are that naive?

There must be a way to make a mint of seniors… especially those who are institutionalized. Of course, let’s put a meal in a can and sell it to nursing homes as a quick solution to ensuring that seniors get all the vitamins and minerals and calories they need for good health. Everyone looks good because we look like we care about the elderly.

While at it, lets get our “nutritional experts” to promote these and prescribe them to seniors to ensure that there is uptake in the marketplace. All we need to do is get nursing home administrators addicted to the convenience and the appearance that their residents are getting an even greater level of care and… boom, money, money and more money for us.

Oh… the actual health of seniors?

Oh… whether or not these drinks are actually health?

Who cares!  There is money to be made, and people fall for anything that a “nutritional expert” says so let’s make money. Its so simple its like taking candy from a baby… I mean from a senior.

Thats who we have become…out to make a quick buck, even if it ends up hurting someone in the process. There is no need to wonder why we are sick as a society… the physical disease is simply a manifestation of our mental and emotional pathologies which we refuse to confront.