To have the flexibility, dynamic strength, and endurance to participate fully in life, seizing the day, having fun, today and everyday I’m alive: to live what I preach.


In Movement…   Gymnastics / Street Workouts / Free Running

To have the agility, balance, and coordination so movement is harmonious, fluid, and emanates from a relaxed effort, allowing participation in sport to flow with a natural technique and ease; where movement is an expression and extension of a grounded physical, mental and emotional base.

And… to be just a tiny little bit like Jackie Chan… who wouldn’t want that.


Goals: kip, muscle up, handstand pushup, kipping handstand pushup, tick-tock, side splits, front splits, Shaolin monk chin and toe hang, front and back lever holds, planche, Vsit, and maybe just maybe one day: manna.


In Sport…   Swim / Bike / Run and Triathlon

To have the skills to enjoy and teach good fun…


Goals:  one handed wheelie to improve balance for road cycling, off-roading, and obstacles. To ride rollers without hands. To ride the 4m long elevated bridge obstacle in the trails of Kelso Conservation. Increase cadence in both fly and free swim strokes to set new personal records (PRs) in 200m FLY and distance free events (400/800/1500 + open water events e.g. 3000m+).


In Competition…  Swim Meets / Road Races / Triathlons

Return to competition relying on flexibility, core, and aerobic training, and without HIIT sessions. Why?  Been there, done that (HIIT)… know how it works and ends, and no longer willing to compromise my health for short term gains, nor results.  Besides, if you want different results, you need different training.

Goals: compete in the 2015-2016 Masters Competitive and Open Water seasons, and after 20+ years of not competing in triathlons… race in the Subaru Niagara Try-A-Tri triathlon with/against my son.


With Family…

Most of all I want to remain an example with my wife for our kids, staying out in front of them for as long as possible so they learn to appreciate and respect their bodies, doing great and fun things, making them want to monkey see-monkey do with mom & dad for as long as possible.

Goals with a strike through have been achieved.