Breathing & Conditioning Coach

Do you seek your potential? A peak performance? If you do not know how to breathe properly, if you do not know how to breathe during the strain of training, the stress of competition, when challenged to retain focus, when competitors are surging and challenging you, then your potential will elude you until you do. It’s that simple.

blue-brain-imageIf your brain – the most vital organ in your body – goes blue when you over-breathe, when you breathe incorrectly, then can you imagine how blue everything else goes…

If your brain goes this blue, then how much oxygen do you think your muscles are getting, your heart, your liver, everything that you are depending on to deliver energy, power, movement, performance?

Really think it matters… if you got your ‘ sports nutrition’ right, if you got your taper right, if you are hydrating right, when your brain and entire body is so hypoxic that you can’t think straight?

Without proper breathing, peak performance is impossible.

If you do not know how to disassociate breathing (i.e. your diaphragm and deep core chain) from your other chains (e.g. abdominal muscles, gluts, hamstrings), then all of your power is dependent on you not breathing properly. How exactly is that optimal use of your physiology? How exactly do you plan to deliver the consistent effort required for peak performance if you are not breathing correctly?

Bracing, locking, bearing down do not lead to peak power. These are tricks athletes use to bypass disassociating their core chain from all other muscle chains, hoping that the temporary ability to generate power using their extremities is “good enough” to achieve their goal. It never is, and always ends up in some sort of injury. Plus, if an athlete (or their coach) is sufficiently stubborn that they refuse to consider that anything may be lacking in their training (e.g. breathing retraining), they typically end up in the longer term burnt out, frustrated with their inability to attain their potential.  Worst, athletes (and coaches) have pushed so far beyond their limits in desperate pursuit of their potential, that they deliver a max out that simply blows them into pieces (literally and/or metaphorically).

If breathing correctly is fundamental to Olympic weight lifting – an anaerobic burst of effort – then imagine how critical proper breathing is to any sport which lasts longer than a handful of seconds. Imagine how critical proper breathing is to all endurance sports… swimming, cycling, running, triathlon.

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Caution: a breathing coaching appointment is appropriate for athletes who have not had any prior breathing difficulties, such as chronic colds, coughs, or allergies, nor any respiratory condition nor diagnosis, and have no history of respiratory distress or surgery which required sedation.

A physiotherapy breathing appointment is required for athletes who have difficulties with their breathing, at rest or with activity (e.g. exercise induced asthma), who have a history of colds, coughs, the flu, or chest pain, who have allergies/sensitivities, who have had to receive oxygen therapy or respiratory therapy, who have or have had any respiratory condition or received a respiratory diagnosis, who have had a surgery requiring general anesthesia, or who have any history of smoking, first or second hand.