And Then There Is Simply Maliciousness

If you thought do-gooders were the extent of the harm that we collectively face as a society, think again. There are good intentions which do-gooders truly believe will save the world but due to either a complete lack of education on one end, to simply incomplete education on the other, paired with a devastating lack of real life experience, add in a load of monetization and exit strategy fantasies and you get a primary list of catastrophes that we are facing and will face. Then, there are the not so good intentions, the pure malicious intentions to make money at any cost and with that comes a secondary list of catastrophes.

The list is not short of companies willing to sell the world in order to grow their top and bottom lines, and considering the corporate firepower behind some of these money-making machines its clear that the only thing keeping the human species alive is the Hand of God.

Boeing – its becoming clearer and clearer that Boeing executives and engineers deliberately doomed the 737 Max airplane as profits took priority over everything including the human lives that would be flying on their planes.

Bombshell Report: Boeing ‘Whistleblower’ Says Company Focused On Profit Over Safety Of Doomed 737 Max

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If It’s A Boeing I’m Not Going…

Monsanto – it has genetically modified agricultural crops for one purpose and one purpose only: to sell more of its weed killing and insect killing chemicals with the long term effects of these poisons building up in the environment being irrelevant to the bio-engineers, biologists and chemists.

Monsanto’s Roundup Weed Killer Found In Top Beer And Wine Brands

Nestle Steps Up Testing After Finding High Levels Of Dangerous Weedkiller In Coffee Beans

Weed-Killing Carcinogen Glyphosate Found In Children’s Foods

Monsanto is finally getting a taste of its own poison

New Study Finds 41% Increase In Cancer Risk From Roundup’s Glyphosate

Now the one thing we have to remember is that corporations do not run themselves (at least not yet… maybe in a few years AI will run corporations but for now its still human beings pulling the levers behind the curtain). Point being… its people that are developing genetically modified organisms and releasing them into the world without any consideration for the long term effects. With an eye only on the short term ‘low hanging fruit’ the focus is fully on how quickly their concepts can be monetized. People are developing these toxins and selling them as if once they are poured over thousands and thousands of acres, these poisons will simply disappear… failing to realize that these poisons flow into local streams, which feed local rivers, and eventually flow into waterways that we enjoy swimming in, boating on, and fishing in. Into waterways that we drink from, water crops with, eat fish from. Its people who decided to eliminate safety features to save a few bucks, disregarding the human lives that will be counting on those features to ensure that their travel is safe and that they return home to their family.

After reading these articles you may think that we live in a world filled with monsters. Monsters who have managed to validate that its the corporation ‘making’ them do these things, as if they have no option to refuse.

But if you really think about it you will realize, no, we don’t live in a world of monsters, we live in a world of spineless, gutless wimps and wimpettes who don’t and won’t stand up for what is truly right and do what is truly right.

It takes a strong physical core to take a stand.

It takes a strong set of convictions to take a stand.

It takes strength to have the stability to stand against the backlash of taking a stand.

The easy road is giving in and compromising.

The hard road is taking a stand, and then holding firm in that stand.

Problem is… with the most medicated morbidly obese drugged and high society ever to exist, we are short on those who have any strength, and long on those who will compromise, eager to sell themselves out as quickly as possible.

To be able to live your life freely, it takes strength… physical, mental and emotional and there is only one place where you build all of those simultaneously (and it ain’t on the couch).